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Music Of The Week: Dan Cribb & The Isolated

Dan Cribb has been kicking around the Perth Punk scene since you were in primary school.  The former frontman of early 2000’s punk band The Decline, has just released his first album with his solo project Dan Cribb & the Isolated.   “As We Drift Apart” offers polished melodic pop punk with a range of upbeat riff driven tracks, harking back to the good ol’ Aussie punk days of Frenzal Rhomb.  The tracks are simple, and Cribb gets his message across with an infectious angsty vibe across the record, with a clear direction and well crafted peaks and troughs throughout the album.

The old school punk influence of this album is helped along by Guitarist Nick Diener, who earned his stripes playing for influential American punk band The Swellers.  Nick brings a punk sensibility to the project and fills out the tracks with vocal harmonies and guitar leads.

The collaborative efforts continue with the inclusion of Kisschasy vocalist Darren Cordeux who sings on “Lets move to New York” one of the highlights of the album.

Notable tracks include “The Last Time” and “Fall Apart” which both have great production quality and display the polish this band has in crafting balanced tracks.

One element I would have liked to see the band pursue would be slightly more variation between the tracks, but despite this, the album hits the mark and is deserving of a listen for sure.

Cribb’s music would be best enjoyed in a sweaty pub surrounded by a bunch of drunk dudes screaming the words back in his face, which is why you should definitely check out his album launch this Saturday at Amps.