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INTERVIEW: Red Engine Caves

Interviewed by: Laurent Shervington

Image credit: J’aime Fazackerley

Old school blues and hard-rock dudes Red Engine Caves have been around since 2012 but took a small hiatus halfway through last year. I caught up with Ricky and Matty from the band, discussing what it’s been like to return to the scene, recording new songs and types of jams.

You guys had a bit of a break from mid last year, what’s it like to come back to the Perth scene? Has it changed much?

Ralf: Yeah the scene is always evolving, everyone’s refined their sound a lot more and a lot bands we used to play with have really hit a new level in terms of quality of sound. It’s more competitive in a sense.

What did you guys do during the break?

Ralf/Ronnie: Tried to fix our equipment and we found a new drummer.

What’s everyone’s favourite bands or albums at the moment?
Ralf: A lot of Joe Cocker, a fair bit of BB King in the last couple of weeks because of his passing. Also a lot of old school rock.

Which venue is your favourite to play in Perth?

Ronnie: Mojos for sure.

Ralf: It’s like home for us, like playing in our backyard really.

You have a new member too, what have the dynamics been like so far?

Ralf: Crazy! Callum, our new drummer is the drummer we should have always had, he’s excellent. The new tracks are really great; it’s like the next step in evolution for the band.

I heard you’ve been working on some new material, how is that going and when can we expect a release?

Ralf: We’re having a bit of trouble trying to translate what we do live on to record, we’ve got all the material but we’re just spending time trying to refine and capture it.

Ronnie: We’re toying with a couple of songs at the moment but no release date or deadline just yet. We just want to get the sound right.

I’ve heard you guys bring quite a hectic live show; do you you’ll be able to return with the same kind of energy?

Ronnie: If anything it’s getting even more hectic! Come down to a show and you can see for yourself.

You guys are returning for a show at the odd fellow in Fremantle on the 30th of May, will we be hearing some new material then?

Ralf: Yeah quite a few new ones.

Ronnie: Yeah probably more new ones than old ones, maybe even some stuff no one has heard before but we’ll see.

What do you guys think of the new ways of interacting with fans such as crowd funding a record or performance, would you ever consider something like this?

Ralf: Each to their own but we’re always really happy when fans come to our gigs, buy our record and we’d just prefer you to come down and maybe buy us a beer. (laughs)

You’ve previously described your sound as jam influenced rock, could you elaborate a little more on this?

Ralf: This is correct in how we write our music; a lot of it evolves from jamming and proceeds from what comes from Ricky’s mind.

I think it’s to do with that we’re a little bit loose and maybe lost on stage (laughs).

What do you think about other jams? Strawberry or Apricot?

Ronnie: Nah man, its gotta be blueberry.


Red Engine Caves are playing The Odd Fellow on the 30th of March with Apollo’s Son and The Southern River Band. EVENT INFO HERE.