The Monday to Sunday of Perth Comedy

Words by: J.W. Denholm
Image credit: Zingerz

The Perth comedy scene is booming, with the success of the Fringe Festival and the arrival of the Perth Comedy Festival over the past few years we are becoming a hub of great comedic talent. But over and above those two events we have thriving comedy scene all year long.

Currently there is not a single day of the week that you can’t go and watch Perth’s talented comedians get behind the microphone. So we thought we’d go and check out each and every one of those rooms and let you, the people of Perth, know where you can go to support our booming comedy scene and have a big giggle.


The room:  

Infinite Jest – The Flying Scotsman: Monday nights. Doors open at 7pm.

The Vibe: Infinite jest’s tag line is experimental comedy, and it certainly delivers. This is a great room to go to if you want to see comedians trying out different forms of comedy. There is still plenty of great stand-up but each week they will bring you a treat such as Role Reversal, Roast battle, The Mulvey interruption and punchline. If you don’t know what any of those formats are, just trust me when I say they are heaps of fun and you should go check them out.

The cost: $5 at the door – plus join the mailing list to go in the draw to win some free drinks.

Where to find them:

Infinite Jesters Facebook.



The room:  Shapiros Tuesdays – Open Mic Comedy: Upstairs at the Brisbane Hotel. Doors open at 8pm.

The Vibe: This room is a great mix of new comedians getting up for the first time, and experienced comedians trying out new jokes. If you want to see comedy be born, then this is the place to go. It’s always fun and always a full room so if you want to check out this great night of comedy make sure to get there on time.

The cost: $5 at the door.

Where to find them:




The room:  The Laugh Resort – The Cab Bar, Rosie O’ Grady’s Northbridge: Wednesday nights. Doors open at 8pm.

The Vibe: This room has to be the best way to get over the mid-week blues. The room supports up-and coming comedians with open mic spots at the top of the night but it also brings you the best in local, national and international acts on a weekly basis. I really love the vibe of this room, the bar is within sight of the stage and there are plenty of tables for you to have a meal or a few drinks with friends while you take in the comedy.

The cost: $15 at the door or online – Plus a $50 bar card and free entry for 10 is up for grabs if you join the mailing list at the door.

Where to find them:

The Laugh Resort website.



The room:  The Fremantle Comedy Factory – The Sail and Anchor Fremantle: Doors open at 7.30pm.

The Vibe: Always packed, always fun, this room is a lot like Shapiro Tuesdays but on a Thursday… in Fremantle. Plus it has the advantage of having a bar in the same room as the stage, and we all love that. This room always has a great Headline act and a quality MC to keep the laughs rolling in between all the fresh open mic talent.

The cost: $5 at the door.

Where to find them:

The Comedy Factory facebook page.



The room:  The Comedy Lounge – Upstairs at Little Creatures Fremantle: Doors open at 8pm.

The Vibe:  I Love going here, this comedy room is just above Little Creatures and has some of the best beer on tap of any comedy club in Perth. Not to mention some of the best comedians going around. It’s a great room to go to if you want to have some guaranteed laughs. A relaxed, easy going atmosphere it’s a great way to kick of your weekend.

The cost: $30 at the door or online

Where to find them:

The Comedy Lounge website.

Their facebook page.



The room: The Big Hoo-Haa – Upstairs at the Brisbane Hotel: Doors open at 8pm.

The Vibe: This is a night of improvisational comedy. In a few words it’s fantastic. For me there is nothing quite like seeing the mind tick and these guys, and girls, have some of the best minds in the business.

The cost: $25 Adult / $18 ConcessionI recommend booking online for this one as there are limited tickets at the door.

Where to find them:

The Big Hoo-Haa facebook page.

The website.



The room: Open Mic. Defectors bar 639 Beaufort Street Mount Lawley: Doors open at 6.30/9pm

The Vibe: This room is different to every other on the list, in that, this room also does open mic music, and therein lays its greatness. If you want to come for the music then rock up at 6.30 if you just want to check out the laughs rock up at 9, but they definitely encourage you to stay for both. It’s a very casual room with a great intimate feel. It’s the perfect way to end your week in a laid back, entertaining environment and it’s completely free.

The cost: FREE at the door!

Where to find them:


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