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REVIEW: Gizzfest

Words by: Laurent Shervington
Image credit: Kieran MacFarlane

King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard hosted the “Dawn of Gizzfest ” night-time festival which centred around two stages at the Rosemount Hotel. With them they brought many of Perth’s most exciting punk, lofi and experimental bands.

Laurel Fixation‘s set in 459 was entrancing to say the least, as she delicately played through her songs, many off of her excellent debut EP Small Discomforts, the atmosphere she created filled the room. As some noisy guests entered via the main entrance, sole member Madison Evers sternly warned for them to shut up, Laurel Fixation doesn’t take her song half-heartedly, she knows they need to be heard.

The always-energetic Doctopus lit up 459 with their fast paced and danceable punk jams. Everywhere Doctopus play they seem to bring with them an entourage 15-20 people highly intent on starting an intense but very fun mosh pit and this night was no different.

The energy was maintained as punk poets Shit Narnia got on stage to give their fans another stellar set of songs off their lastest EP Welcome To New LA, as well as some newer songs and deeper cuts. The energy peaked in the last two songs Fapathy and Claremont Boys, as frontman Hugh Manning’s frenetic energy drawing him into the crowd to join the eager fans.

Over at the Beer Garden, Melbourne based local lad Peter Bibby was around to play an impromptu 10 minute set in front of loyal fans, with many enjoying a taste Bibby’s wonderfully crass song writing ahead of the performance with his band the following night.

Back over at Main, Hideous Sun Demon played their wild, garage-y and trippy blend of alternative rock, with quite a crowd being drawn to the stage. The energy conjured by Hideous Sun Demon really kept the crowd going as fans waited anxiously for King Gizzard to rise from backstage. The crowd were already singing their hearts in the wait as a few Beatles classics was played through the P.A to ensure while King Gizzard should be pretty good, all you really need is love.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard all hit the stage after 11, with each of their seven members ready to close out this festival the only way they knew how to. The opener “I’m In Your Mind Fuzz” sent the crowd into a frenzy, as the rows closer to the stage found it hard to keep their footing. Surges of people bounced off one another, with a few falls and slight injuries, but a solid mosh etiquette was in place to ensure no-one got in too much trouble. The band cycled through song after song, from old hits to their new record “Quarters!” before heading into deep jam territory on the closer. It seemed that every chorus played for nearly every song made the audience explode across the stage and become a highly fluid and malleable entity. As the final guitar chords screamed through the speakers the fans applauded the Melbourne band for the excellent set and putting on such a great night of music.