Scott Morrison: Don’t Wait For Dream Job

Words by: Natasha Bloomfield
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Whilst the younger generation might be determined to secure their dream job in order to start their careers off on the right foot, Social Services Minister Scott Morrison suggests that, instead, the hopefuls should quit the waiting game and take any available employment that comes their way.

Morrison introduced draft laws to parliament today that “require under-25s to wait four weeks before accessing welfare.” He states that it is their prerogative – but the taxpayer shouldn’t have to foot the bill.

The new policy comes as a review of a 2014 bill which required “under-30s wait six months before they could access the dole.” This policy will recover approximately 200 million from the budget, but will cost around $1.8 billion. Morrison justifies the “foregone savings and waiting period as a necessary investment in young people.”

The new bill is not popular in the Senate, with key crossbenchers, the Greens, and Labour, all opposing the inclusion of a four week waiting period at all. Currently the votes of six crossbenchers are required for the bill, but Glenn Lazarus, John Madigan, Ricky Muir, and Bob Day are strongly opposed, instead backing the Greens motion to abolish the bill completely.

Morrison is also determined that the Newstart allowance will requirement recipients to be of 25 years or older, instead of the original 22, but the change will now be actioned in July 2016, a year later than originally planned.