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MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Ray Finkle – Human Garbage

Words By: Sam Farringdon

Image Credit: Amnplify

Well let’s not beat around the bush with this one – cos Ray Finkle aren’t fucking around. These guys are here to kick your ass, steal your wallet, make out with your girlfriend, then throw up on your shoes – but with enough charm that you’re still gonna wanna buy them a beer at the end of the night.

“Human Garbage” is all that you’ve come to love about punk rock: guitars that melt your face, drums that threaten to snap your neck, and a bass rumble that shoots raw adrenaline through your feet to send each limb flailing. Vocalist Jamie Taylor is less snot nosed, more deep and mellifluous, but he packs enough vitriol to energise and excite with righteous indignation. According to Taylor, “Human Garbage” is about life choices, and a “fuck you to the assholes who think their views can change the way we live”. That may be true, and there’s certainly enough spirit here to galvanise the troops and  rouse the true believers (and there’s potential for the Finkles to really get good at doing that), but above all else this is music that taps into the dirty, slimy little troglodyte in all of us.

It just makes you wanna bang your fists and shake your head cos you’re  overwhelmed by the primal joy of just  being ALIVE. And brothers and sister, if this doesn’t move you, then you better check your pulse – cos punk’s not dead, but maybe you are.