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REVIEW: The Jungle Giants @ Amplifier

Review By: Tim Mead

Image Credit: The AU Review 

Brisbane born indie kids The Jungle Giants have been making serious waves since they hit high rotation on triple J with the release of their debut album “Learn to Exist” in 2013. Since then the band has been on countless Australian tours and touring festivals. This tour was sparked by their most recent release Every Kind of Way, and their loyal fans proved themselves by selling out every Australian date of the tour.

With no set times, or even mention of the supporting lineup online, I decided to hedge my bets and arrive uncharacteristically early to make sure I caught the local acts. After some searching I found no sign of set times even inside the venue. Regardless, the outdoor area of Amps was beginning to buzz with long haired bros in five panel hats sculling pints, which is not exactly my usual scene. Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long before Flower Drums took to the stage, to kick off the music for the night.

As I wandered inside I saw the crowd transfixed by dream pop vocals and electronic grove reminiscent of the XX. It’s easy to recognise a well polished band who know their live set inside and out, and they put on a good performance to warm up the crowd and draw in new arrivals from outside.

The electronic dream vibe was continued by GRRL PAL who carried momentum through their set, starting to get the crowd moving with driving energetic beats and catchy vocal hooks. This was sparked by Jay LeKat, the vocalist, starting a dance party in the mosh. The vibe picked up considerably and by the end the crowd was well and truly hyped and eagerly awaiting the headliners to take the stage.

It was a tense wait between bands, as no one dared leave their spot near the front for another drink, and when The Jungle Giants took the stage, the entire room kicked into gear. Launching straight into Come and Be Alone with Me, the vocalist, Sam had the crowd screaming the lines    “It’s alright, it’s ok” back in his face within seconds. From the outset the mosh exploded with energetic dancing, punctuated by the odd stage diver, some successful and others unsuccessful. Luckily, Bassist Andrew’s attempt was successful, and the energy in the room grew quickly throughout the set.

The vibe of the room didn’t go unnoticed, with Sam remarking “I feel like I’m at a house party”, and spending time between songs trying to recover, and repeating the words “fucking Perth”, which only encouraged the crowd to go even crazier.

The set was capped off with the band’s three biggest hits, beginning with previous hottest 100 entrant She’s a Riot, followed by the new single Every Kind of Way, a slightly new direction for the band, with some Velvet Underground inspired creepy spoken word which Sam delivered with style. Finally the band ended the night with the biggest hit from their album, I Am What You Want Me To Be to a high velocity set, the entire room captivated how tight their live set was. Anyone could see how this band sold out an Australian tour only a few years after forming as a band.