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REVIEW: Boris @ The Rosemount

Words by: Laurent Shervington

Japanese experimental/doom metal/drone metal/everything band Boris arrived in Perth with 23 albums released over 19 years (34 if you include collaborative releases) accompanied by amplifiers which were taller than most people’s driveways.

Local supports came from doomy post-punk outfit The Pissedcolas, an incredibly tight band which love noisy freakouts just as much as they love their abrasive and droning riffs. The Pissedcolas played more of a doom metal/sludgey style set compared to the previous I had attended and I must say: they’ve really developed their sound into something really immense and engaging. Do check these guys out if you have the chance.

Next up were Mt. Mountain who are fresh off their performance at the State of the Art Festival last weekend, and just general hype from playing some outstanding shows this year. Every member of the 5 man lineup brought a new level of texture and sound to the set, reaching crescendos that would rival some established post-rock bands. The last song transitioned several times, keeping the audience fully engaged and kept all eyes locked on stage. These guys are really going places and their EP is worth checking out if you dig this style.

This is the 3rd time Boris have played in Perth in the last 4 years and the power trio looked far from fatigued as they rose to the stage, each member carrying out a kind of persona that fans of the band have come to know well. The always energetic and crowd pleasing drummer Atsuo strutted on stage, raising his hands high and was empowered by the crowds excited cheers. Next to rise was the yielder of the double necked guitar/bass beast, Takeshi ; who waved to the crowd and turned to adjust his amp accordingly. Finally guitar virtuoso and the best at pulling off the nonchalant look out of the three, Wata gave a quick wave and smile then set about sound checking the 100 or so pedals on her pedalboard.

If there’s one thing you need to know about a Boris live show is that it’s REALLY FREAKIN LOUD. These guys basically have a amp stack for each string/drum in their setup and during the louder moments you feel the true power of their rigs. The band cycled through their setlist playing a lot from the new album “Noise” as well as some old favourites such as Pink, which gave fans a look back to the Stoner Rock period of their career.

After the last “conventional” song drew to a close there was some distant murmuring on the stage as each member began to raise the volume of their amplifiers. What came next was a 15 minute guitar feedback war on stage, with both guitarists drawing the deepest screeches and wails from their instruments as they proceeded to destroy every cell living inside each audience members earlobe and made an attempt to burn a hole in the roof with guitar feedback. Atsuo, who felt like a bit of a break from massacring his drumkit, rose to the barrier at the front of the stage and jumped into the overjoyed crowd who lifted him high into the air.

Eventually the feedback ceased . Either that, or the Rosemount’s sound engineer couldn’t take it anymore. The band laid their instruments down and bid farewell to the crowd. No doubt these three will be back to win some more hearts- and break a decent amount of eardrums in the process.