Game of Thrones ‘Kills Off’ WA Labor’s “Debt Monster”

Words by: Mandy Moe Pwint Tu

WA Labor’s newest political personality “Debt Monster” has recently come under fire with the Game of Thrones authorities after a YouTube video featuring said monstrosity also featured the theme music from the hit HBO series, which plays in the background for the entirety of the video’s two minutes and forty-four seconds.

The Debt Monster looks like the Cookie Monster’s evil Australian cousin, furry and blue with two lopsided eyeballs attached to its moon-like head. It may look indeed like a Muppet who has wandered out of Sesame Street, but it means business. Evidently the Labor Party decided that it was a brilliant way to bring the State Government’s financial mismanagement to the public attention.

“We all know very few people read the budget or listen to parliamentary speeches, so we wanted to make use of every forum we can to point out what the government has done,” Labor leader Mark McGowan told Fairfax Media.

“And that is, take Western Australian’s finance from the best in the country to the worse; create the worst debt per person than any state in Australia and lift the state debt from $3.6 billion when they arrived in office to $36 billion by 2018.”

The clip was posted on YouTube last week, in a lighthearted attempt to jab at the Barnett government’s lack of financial organization, after McGowan and the Debt Monster filmed with Fairfax Media in East Perth on Thursday. The clip was then removed by YouTube on the following Tuesday, after a copyright claim from the International Federation of Phonographic Industry came through.

Considering the little circulatory views that the video clip have had, this may well seem like another character death in true Game of Thrones fashion. However, the Debt Monster has taken to Twitter, saying that accounts of his death were “greatly exaggerated”.

The monster tweeted: “Nom nom nom.”

We doubt he’s munching on cookies.