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REVIEW: Red Engine Caves @ The Odd Fellow

Words By Laurent Shervington

Image Credit Kieran MacFarlane


Have a look at more photos from the night here.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Local rock and roll hero’s Red Engine Caves hosted a hell of a party at the Odd Fellow in Fremantle on Saturday, bringing with them local talents Apollo’s Son and The Southern River Band.

The atmosphere at the Odd Fellow was fairly laidback from the offset, with 5-piece Apollo’s Son hitting the stage and jumping into their spacy neo-psychedelic set, with each member having an excellent understanding of where each other was heading during the build ups. The local freo boys greatest triumph was their powerful chorus’s, driven by their expansive line-up and strong enough melodically to encourage some slightly more tipsy members from the crowd to perform a kind of brief dance ritual, which was kind of cool too.

The Southern River Band were on next to the applause of many leather jacket sporting fans and by no means disappointed their faithful. Led by the energetic and at times witty Callum Kramer (also the drummer for Red Engine Caves), the band hailing from Forest Lake powered through their heavily classic rock influenced set, even transitioning into a cover of Free Bird to finish it off. These guys look like they live and breathe Van Halen and Led Zeppelin and this is very present in the stage presence.

Finally the Red Engine Caves power trio hit the stage to a huge applause, it felt like the return of a world-beating band at the peak of their careers as fans eagerly surrounded the stage ready for what they came to see. As guitarist/vocalist Ronnie began to build up a chugging riff the suspense built with each chord before the rhythm section finally hit, sending the atmosphere from on edge to violent head-bang in 0.02 seconds. The Caves set was perfectly paced, with the energy staying maintained for the entire show.

From word of mouth I had heard of this band’s hectic stage antics, but didn’t quite understand in what way this was a thing. Some highlights such as pickup screaming with a speakerphone, hanging the guitar strap on the window above and soloing on the top of tall amps on at the front of the stage got me up to speed reasonably quickly. Inspiring moment of the night came from bassist Ralf Sunbird’s initial wah pedal mishap (yes the bassist has a wah-pedal) but as some handy gaffer tape secured the cables in position, Ralf threw his hands up with a huge grin exclaiming ” THE WAH IS BACK” to the applause of the now ecstatic crowd. The band closed with the title track from their previous LP “Black Mary” and was the perfect closer to the incredibly energetic set.

Red Engine Caves are a rare kind of band in Perth’s scene, while their sound and styling hark back to the classic rock of days past, their persona and energy show that they are not just excellent musicians, they’re living very much in the moment.

If you can get the chance, definitely catch these guys playing around town, your inner rock god will thank you.

Have a little listen of some of there stuff below: