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MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Pulling Metal by French Rockets

Review By: Laurent Shervington


Local Heavy/Psychedelic rock French Rockets have finally announced their follow up to 555. 

 Arc will break the band’s 5 year studio album drought. Not that the Rockets have been missing in action by any means, their live shows showing off their intense wall-of-sound dynamic to prove their place as one of Perth’s leading bands in the genres they play.

The album announcement came with the release of the single Pulling Metal which definitely lives up to its name in terms of heavy rock influence, backed perfectly with the Rockets succinct rhythm section.

The track starts out with overdriven guitars swirling in and out of the mix before being held down with a domineering guitar riff harking back to late 80s era Dinosaur Jr. The vocal delivery in this track sounds despondent and slightly annoyed, these emotions are strengthened by the mixing implemented; the vocals have a scuzzy/lo fi feel and have been placed relatively low compared to the accompanying waves of noise.

As the track carries on, bed-sheets of distortion are layered into the mix not unlike early Jesus and Mary Chain or A Place to Bury Strangers, which conveys the bands immense live show well and unveils the more chaotic side of their sound.

For me, this song soundtracks some kind of high speed chase through an active construction yard while being trapped inside a small hotel room fridge. If the other songs off Arc end up matching or exceeding this single, the 5-year wait may well have been worth it.

Listen to Pulling Metal here:
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