Creative Writing

The Perfect Life

Words By: Zac Duggan

That crimson liquid in a thousand flavours
Bonded blood and bone, it changed behaviours
It diluted our barriers to allow the flood of feeling
We spent our nights reading, whispering and healing
The moon cascaded purpose onto nightly journeys
The stars seemed nightly guardians of infatuation
The clouds were pillows for passioned, hazy consummation
We talk of foreign lands; skyward hopes with yearning souls
Vague promises moving through the world in empty bowls
Revolutions and connections that evade our home
We dream to orbit the Earth, to reconnect and roam

Like faulty programming we search with yearning hearts
Untested hardware, oscillating to find the source
Until then taste the bottles, hit the sauce
When we find our honey will we know by the taste?
I sit and stare at screens, another day laid to waste
Bees homing in on that sacred nectar deep in the void
For all these glass coffins and treasures are just mirage
These exasperating pleasures turn the rich to beggars
Tomorrow there is finer feathers, inventing finer measures
But today is the only time to live forever
There is always bigger, rarer, more beautiful things
But will we chase adjectives all the way to wings

I meet a man almost every day in the city
He confuses me, but I do not judge, i do not pity
His eyes are jammed wide with desire
Yet his heart hangs heavy with delusion and despair
He waits like Ken in his perfect life, begging breath
But a vortex within whispers fate and death
He’s had more divorces then kids
There’s magnets and photos on his new fridge
At his work he is ignored but oh so reliable
He buys the low fat meals microwaveable
The tv programs, they program, he wants more
So every year he buys new pristine furniture
The guest marvel at his manicured lawn
But when he speaks of his dreams they yawn
Because the worms will eat him up all same

An expensive box, flowers and tears, a forgotten name

To live truly is to be unrecognisable to most
Flowing like water beyond adjectives and nouns
Breath and let go, stuck in this cosmic river all along
This suffering like sunlight for batteries unknown
Divine rays and balance that propel us to grow
The promise of a sunset, a drink or a lover’s kiss
Strong enough to breach the depths of hell’s myth
Like Da Vinci chiselling eternal that marble

Live your life to define character, luminescent
Your purpose, lessons and loves form your David
Shine radiance on all as sculptors who made it
See the magnificence, endless treasures beyond grip

But: Do not try, do not try.
Do not ache away years with selfish nothings
This train to nowhere leaves you blind to the stars
Rather live like a star, bright eyes up in the night
The universe peeks out at itself and shines bright
Like a flower blooms in the sun for all to see
But when the rabbit comes, it lets the end be
Like a tree with thick roots below and gentle leaves in breeze
To be true is revolutionary, this world corrupted like disease
With lies based on ignorance, founded by false prophets
This world so cold, often we pray for its demise
But look at nature adapt look at life flourish and rise
See the bees buzzing endless on bee’s nest business
The vines wrestle concrete prisons back to Earth, to dust
The sun shines magenta from pollution on the horizon
Storms of warning, furious signs of warming
Batten down beneath the awning, wait for morning

In these dark times of social rift we see the global shift, 
The seed planted not perfect, but balanced and connected
With soul from above and hard precious earth beneath
Let men and women of all tribes see eye to eye in peace
Ask someone their dreams, may they need no permission

Imagine with the philosopher’s intuition your own mission
That truly everything at the final hour will be in your power
As we float back into realms like seeds back to the flower
Yes the rude, ignorant swine have brought debt and decline
But life is sprouting now on distant planets unknown
Even riding desolate icy comets through space and time
How can truth not prosper against a system of lies
In this vicious grip, with eyeballs squeezed, possessions seized

Love runs deep in infinite supply, so let the money run dry
Get back to the world, a wonderland with blue sky
Resign to the force in disguise, the source behind your eyes
The truth hides in plain disguise, look within and we realise