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MUSIC OF THE WEEK: The Citradels – A Night of Contemporary Feedback Music

Words by By: Tim Mead

To put it simply, this album is a spiritual, psychedelic, hypnotic drone-inducing trance-like melancholic journey through time and space. This latest album from Melbourne locals, the Citradels, is anything but simple. The band’s fifth album A Night Of Contemporary Feedback Music, is a stripped back intimate look at their sixties drone psych style, dripping in reverb and sweet sitar melodies.

The album was almost entirely recorded as the band was on hiatus, in Tom De Vires’ bedroom, with various band members contributing ideas and acoustic tracks, and stylistically varies from track to track. This album saw a conscious move from the band away from the use of drums and electronic instrumentation, making for some mind bending rhythmic patters and hypnotic sitar, particularly noticeable in the track Darlin.

 The Citradels take us on a divergent journey from traditional expectations of tone and harmony, challenging perceptions of music, time, and the universe. It’s not advisable to listen to this album while driving or operating heavy machinery, unless you want to enter into a hypnotic trance like state. Dear Ivy is particularly notable for its looped vocals which blend into sitar and harmonium melodies. Similarly, Brajj Ajj Najj takes a somewhat lighthearted approach, with interwoven spoken vocals pitch-shifted drastically to infuse the melancholic approach the band takes to writing music.

A Night of Contemporary Feedback Music, is definitely worth checking out, you never know which dimension it may transport you to.

Check out The Citradels bandcamp