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Words by: Maria Odufuye

Having come from a background in hair and fashion writing, and having an extreme addiction to shoes and clothing–of course I had a problem when packing my limited backpack for my travels. I was bombarded with questions from the little Gok Wang in my head, What is the fashion like on the other side of the world? Do I need any footwear other than flip flops (thongs)? Do Aussies even wear jumpers? Although British fashion is somewhat similar, my wardrobe screams immigrant.

Then, I was introduced to Emily Muco, a local award winning designer. I checked out her website and was instantly aesthetically pleased, even by the simplistic but funky website title. I also did some safe and non creepy internet stalking, discovering how much she has brought to the fashion industry in Perth. I was eager to know more about the successful gradute, about her brand and what the style in Perth really is. Emily was generous enough to take time from her hectic schedule to give us the ins and outs of Perth’s style and where she finds her inspiration for her creative and colourful collections.

Tell us about yourself, what do you do?

My name is Emily, I design and handmake my own clothing, textiles and accessories.

What is your style and who inspires you?

My style is youthful, colourful and unique. I find inspiration in many places including nature, art, textiles and vintage style clothing.

What do you think of the fashion in Perth?

Generally I think it’s really good! It’s great to see many people expressing themselves with their own personal style. It is as interesting, if not more interesting than many cities I’ve been too.

What developments/ great successes has your brand experienced?

My hard work at university was recognised when  I was the recipient of several awards at our graduation show. One of these awards provided me with the opportunity to stock my label in a store called Hatch, specifically for Western Australian designers. My work at university was also selected to be exhibited at the Singapore Institute of Contemporary Arts, I travelled there for the exhibition and it was an amazing opportunity. Along the way I have picked up other stockists and featured in several runway shows notably Telstra Perth Festival in the designer installations show last year.

How did you get into fashion and why?

I have always been interested in the arts, after finishing school going onto study fashion was just a national progression as it was a combination of several things I enjoyed.

What advice can you give to aspiring designers?

It is a tough industry but also very rewarding. If designing is what you want to do, stick at it!

Perth should be proud to have someone as awesome as Emily Muco, she is clearly hardworking and encourages people to go for what they want even if it seems unreachable. I’m glad I was able to chat to Emily, have a look at emilymuco to see gorgeous blends of colour and vintage youth be translated into unique items of clothing!