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CLOUD NINE: The Best 9 Tracks From May

Gucci Mane – Im Too Much (feat. RiFF RAFF)

Gucci Mane’s new project “King Gucci” is the 45th mixtape the Atlanta rapper has released since his first in 2006 and the latest in a long list of tapes Gucci has released from Terre Haute prison since his weapon charge in 2013.

While the mixtape doesn’t really hold a candle to Gucci’s best work, it still comes out with some solid tracks, namely Im Too Much (ft. RiFF RAFF) Produced by 808 Mafia founder TM88, the beat is driven by a heavy bass synth, which is matched with solid percussion in the form of a pounding kick drum and hi-hats. Gucci sounds extra smooth of over the beat, dropping some bars comparing himself to peak career Kobe Bryant and thanking his late father for blessing him with beautiful looks. RiFF RAFF’s verse might even be on his best with the Texas taking his classic braggadocio flow to the next level spitting the line:  “I might install a Versace money counter/Next to my codeine fountain” with so much charisma you can even picture the waterfall of cough syrup.


Rain Over St. Ambrose – Broken Love

Hailing from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (which is in Canada, but I find it sounds nicer in a Scottish accent), Rain Over St. Ambrose are on the brink of their sophomore release. ‘Broken Love’ is the first single, and it’s one of those indie rock gems that comes along every once in a while, deftly skating the line between the slow burn and the immediate hook. The full album is streaming here, and it’s worth checking out.


Rationale – Re.Up

Aptly hashtagged ‘# music to f*** to’ on the band’s Soundcloud page, this is the slinky smooth love song of the moment. Follow the buzz, and check out ‘Fast Lane’ too while you’re at it. Sunday afternoon listening sorted.


FOREVR – Yucatan

Brisbane shoegaze duo FOREVR does a really good job at making shoegaze sexy, just listen to “Yucatan” from their 2015 release DEMONSTRATION.

Sonically the sounds of classic 90s shoegaze bands (see My Bloody Valentine, Ride) are conjured, but goddamn it if they’re not drawing some influence from the more romantic realms of underground music. Hell, it honestly wouldn’t have been out of place for the track to have finished with a sax solo, its just that smooth.

The shrill harmonics and layers of guitars blanket singer Sam George-Allen’s vocal to great effect, the production on this track as well as the other songs from DEMONSTRATION are perfectly suited to the duo’s style.

“Yucatan” is an excellent song from an excellent 2015 Australian release, hopefully we’ll be hearing more from this band in the near future.


Flume – Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt)

There was a time when I was fairly sure Flume’s only goal in life was to fill sweaty festival tents with bogans, wild-eyed under their frullets and ready to jump when the drop told them to – but no longer. His most recent output betrays a sophistication that was probably just under the surface all that time, ready to prove people like me wrong. Harley Streten said working with Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow fame was “one of the most natural collabs [he’d] worked on”, and the result is impressive.


Big White. – You Know I Love You

Listening to the debut single from Big White. is like that first conversation with someone when you just know you’re going to be friends. It’s instantly likeable, with a catchy hook and easy-going charm. In true Aussie style, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it sounds all the better for it.



Baby Honey – Full

According to the band’s Facebook Page, Perth Noise Pop band Baby Honey has only been around since early 2015 but have made some reasonable traffic on shoegaze blogs around the internet. The band has only released a few songs so far, with the track “Full” showing a lot of promise for the EP that is planned for later this year. The thick fuzzy bass present on the track is the core for the swirling guitars and nice vocal interplay that show up, I sense an early MBV/Slowdive sound without sounding too copycat-like.

Here’s hoping we’ll be hearing more from this local band soon.


METHYL ETHEL – Twilight Driving

The band that seems to be everywhere at the moment, making big enough waves in the splash pool of Perth that we’re all at risk of drowning, is METHYL ETHEL. With the release of their potato-straight-out-the-oven-hot single Twilight Driving and a full length record, Oh Inhuman Spectacle, that’s getting love across the globe (see Brooklyn Vegan and the host of blogs posting to the band’s Facebook wall), there’s little doubt that this band is about to rocket to stardom. Twilight Driving is beautiful, ethereal and surprisingly relatable.


GRRL PAL – Nerve

Another Perth-based act that you should have your eyes glued to is GRRL PAL. They’ve been releasing a single a month since late last year and they haven’t failed to put out a banger. Nerve, their offering from May, maintains the duo’s knack for outstanding production, versatile beats and hook-heavy melodies that centre around Jay LeKat’s delicate, vocals. Add to playlist, play, hit repeat.


Compiled by Matt Norman, Laurent Shervington, Stephanie Main & Matt Steyn