Dymocks CBD To Re-Open According To Dymocks’ Facebook

Words by: Sam Farringdon


In the fast paced world of technology, with the ability to download whatever we want to hear, watch, or read in a matter of seconds, the traditional domains of these earthly delights, the brick and mortar record stores, video stores, and book stores, are fast becoming obsolete.

For example, just this year, we’ve seen such beloved independent local media icons Planet Video in Mt. Lawley, and Jumbo Video in Bicton close their doors for good, after years of diminishing returns.
But it’s obvious that this battle isn’t pinching the independents alone, with national bookstore franchise Dymocks closing the doors of Perth CBD’s largest bookstore on Sunday, after 24 years.
However, it would seem that, unlike hiring movies, people still very much want to be able to buy actual books.
People power has won out, with the staff of Dymocks Hay Street confirming this afternoon via Facebook, that the store would in fact be reopening.
“You sent us letters, emails, and made yourselves heard on social media. We shared some very real emotions together and our Head Office noticed. You helped us prove that our store is special and it deserves to stay open!” the post read.
While a date is yet to be confirmed, it’s believed the store will be reopened toward the end of July.
The full post can be read here.

Power to the people!