State Government Launches Ice Taskforce; Waroona Police Now Popular On Twitter

Words by: Sophie Raynor

The crashed car in Clifton Hill on Thursday morning.
The crashed car in Clifton Hill on Thursday morning.

A man has been found breakdancing on Forrest Highway after crashing his car following a week-long meth binge, just hours after the state government announced its intention to “smash” the methamphetamine trade in Western Australia.

The state government has seized 15 kilograms of the drug off WA streets since a national taskforce to respond to the drug was established in April. Launching the taskforce, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said meth use is growing around the country, and that the Australia Crome Commission believes the drug poses the highest risk to the community of all illicit drugs, with usage almost doubling in the past year.

On Thursday morning the state government reiterated its commitment to eradicating meth from WA, launching a taskforce of its own.

Hours later, the breakdancing driver was found by police in the middle of Forrest Highway. After losing control of his car and crashing into a light pole, ripping it apart, the man walked over 33 kilometres, where he was found early yesterday morning, dancing and doing handstands in the middle of the busy highway.

The man’s mother told GWN7 News that her son’s behaviour was the result of meth use.

“All over the place and in his mind, his body, I’ve tried in the last few weeks to help him…” she said.

Waroona Police, who were called to attend to the man, described the call on Twitter:

WA Police spokesman Sam Dinnison said the Waroona officers were not taking the issue lightly, saying the incident is just one of many examples of meth’s impact on the community.

“In some cases it is drug-fuelled violence, in other cases it may be burglaries and stealing offences linked to a person trying to fund their drug addiction,” he said.

“Sometimes, as in this case, it is risky behaviour that puts people in harm’s way. It is incidents like this that reinforce the importance of the bigger picture work being done to target those drug syndicates that attempt to make such harmful drugs available in the first place.”

The man’s mother said she was desperate to locate her son and get him the help he needs. Mr Dinnison said the he hoped the incident would let Waroona Police’s Twitter followers know that illicit drugs can impact anyone.