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REVIEW: Zerodent, Furchick & The Pissedcolas @ Dada Records

Reviewed By: Laurent Shervington
Image Credits: Darren Mok

It occurred to me at about 3:35pm after going through the second-hand vinyl stand downstairs for the 3rd time in the last 15minutes that I had made the same mistake as last time and got to Dada’s too early.

Despite this fault in judgement, the sheer quantity and quality of the wax available at Dada records made the wait as bearable as it could have been, along with a quick pit stop at a local liquor store. This was the second time this type of event had taken place at the central record store since it stopped about a year and a half ago because of noise complaints and while I hadn’t ever been to these older shows, I imagine the atmosphere at the shows would be pretty comparable to the original ones.

Heading out to the back, just in time to hear the unmistakable sound of doomy post-punk outfit The Pissedcolas, who played a handful of songs from their release “Demo Suzuki”. The band even played the rarely played “Dada’s” named after the very establishment they were playing. I feel like the reason this song isn’t played as much is due to the fact it is slightly out of place with the bands usual Melvins-ian style with its more catchy hooks and less more droning approach. Nevertheless it’s a great song and was an excellent part of a great set. These guys really know how to get huge tones from their instruments and are fast becoming one of Perth’s best bands in the doom/post-punk genre. The band has been playing a heap of shows recently, so do check them out live if you get the chance.

It became apparent after the Pissedcolas set that the car parked inside the warehouse next to the speakers was there to stay. According to various sources no one really knew who owned the car and why it was there, but the next performer made the most of it for sure. 
Furchick the noisy experimental persona of musician Claire Pannell gave the audience an incredibly intriguing and engaging show, with the primary instrument in the set being a hacksaw with a slinky attached to it. The saw was miked up and sound tracked the sawing of a guitar, creating frenetic noise and dissonance, which was seared through the room and received modulation from the performers array of effects pedals in front of her. In between the bursts of noise, Furchick integrated the slightly misplaced car into her set by referring to it at various points in the set through improvised spoken word parts. I’m honestly not too sure how often Furchick plays shows, but judging from this performance, it’s a definitely a show worth seeing.

The last band of the afternoon was Zerodent an energetic band with a solid set of incredibly fast and head nodding punk tunes. The band was able to stir even the most reserved crowd members and their front man did an excellent job at matching the energy up with a frantic vocal delivery. The band brought some strong Minor Threat and Dead Kennedy’s vibes with them, without sounding like carbon copies of either group. As the band ripped through their last song and members of the crowd began to disperse, a sense of comradery and community could be seen and felt around the room.

Here’s hoping these shows are here to stay for the future.