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REVIEW: Little Sounds @ The Good Shepherd

Reviewed by: Maria Odufuye

Thursday 18th I arrived with my plus one at The Good Shepherd in Leederville, an intimate and cozy setting for a rainy winter evening. The tables were decorated with crisps and candles, which actually made it very relaxing.

Little Sounds, for those who aren’t familiar, was a fundraiser for Perth music students to raise money to attend Big Sounds, in order for them to become more established and public as artists. The night featured some of Perth’s best up and coming musical talent, all of which are managed by students studying an Advanced Diploma of Music.


Before the music kicked off we were introduced to a very chilled out and insightful panel, they sipped their beers, snacked on sweeties whilst lounging on the comfy sofas. The set up was great, though the panel were experienced publicists, editors and music directors, the set up made their professional awesomeness in no way intimidating. People were taking notes in dimly lit corners of the room and others were storing the information in their heads. For those looking to get in the music industry would have really benefited from the panel, they discussed the importance of getting a publicist and when you should consider this option. We were advised to keep savings aside in your budget for a publicist, you’re paying for their contacts as well as their time. I found it really inspirational how honest the panel was, it consisted of; Janelle Morse (Morse code PR), Adam Christou (RTR FM), Matt Johnson (Walking horse), Bob Gordon (XPRESS) and Dixie Battersby (DB Publicity, EMI Music Australia). All of them said they take on artists that they believe in and feel they can do a good job for, it just goes to show that they aren’t just in it for the pay check but to do the best they can.


Following the panel, the small stage was graced with a variation of music. We were introduced to Mitch Mitty who patiently waited whilst the technical issues where fixed. When he was finally able to get his hands on the piano I was surprised at what I was faced with. He had a very unique style and was clearly emotionally connected to the music he was playing. It made me feel like I should have been watching a really deep film or reading a book, his sound would have been an appropriate accompaniment to either one.

One fifth of TEIJ was up next and although it may seem unfortunate but I found it very fitting, the rain took a stormy turn through her set and was hammering down very loudly. I found it made her set more dramatic and strange, when she got loud, the rain got louder, when she went soft, the rain got softer. She had a clear, innocent sounding voice and exceptional stage presence, especially considering she was performing solo, without her band mates. Her last song reminded me of an Ozzy Kate Nash with a better tone.

The rain seemed to have stopped once she had exited the stage and the 3 piece band, The Regular Hunters took the stage. I found this band confused me as it seemed like they were all in their own bubble, or at a silent disco. It sounded as though they were playing individual songs, normally this shouldn’t sound right. I was confused because it sounded awesome! The mismatch worked and I think it might have been because they had great communication and interaction with each other.

The night closed down with a 5 piece band Oakland, I completely loved the vibe these guys gave off, it may have been because the stage was a little cramped for the group but it appeared to be a group of friends just jamming in the garage or something! They lead singer woke some of the stragglers in the audience up with his echoed, projected voice whilst the others sipped red wine in between guitar riffs.

It was a very interesting night which really showcased the kind of talent Perth holds, as well as how far you can go if you work hard and believe in what you do. Hopefully they raise enough to make it to Big Sounds, I don’t think this will be the last we’ll be hearing of them.