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MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Foxes – Stomp The Earthworm

Words By Laurent Shervington
Image Credit Foxes 


Let’s face it, for a large proportion of people who listen to music with a serious or casual pretence, screamo is a dirty word.

I wouldn’t put it on the same level as the classic “I listen to everything except rap and country” stique; but I think people underestimate the ability of a singer putting their vocal cords on the line to deliver a emotionally powerful vocal delivery.

I think things are starting to change however, we had that Deafheaven album a few years ago which combined black metal screams and shoegaze-y ambience to reach some kind of critical and commercial success. My feelings towards that album were positive and I was slightly pleased at the idea that maybe peoples stereotype of a typical screamo fan would change from that guy that always wears a lot of black to the everyday person.

So when the opening chords of Foxes Stomp the Earthworm blaze through the speakers and static warbles the screen displaying the accompanying video, a part of me thinks that this could have some solid crossover appeal.

The video itself is another of the current/sort of dated shit-fi/randomised sample music video trend, which is equally inspired and popularised by countless indie rock/pop and psych acts as much as it is by cloud rapper Yung Lean.

Around the 1:20 mark we see the boys gliding across a superimposed breaking wave, much to their bemusement. Another highlight is the full band shot at 3:45, much like the video for Cellophane by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard , the band is surrounded by the mystic cosmic realm minus the frequent epileptic flashes found in the King Giz video.

As the song slides off into the stratosphere at a slow pace, feelings of intrigue set in. Where are they going? Are they coming back?

Well you would hope so; the bands album launch is on the 25th of July at Amplifier:

We are in for a treat if Stomp The Earthworm parallels that of the rest of the tracks on ‘Organic Vessels’. We can’t wait! You can be pre-order Organic Vessels here.

Watch the video: