Local Your Weekend Sorted

Your Weekend Sorted 25.06 – 28.06

Words By Matt Steyn

Image Credit: Hideous Sun Demon 

Thursday 25.06

MUSIC // ART // FOOD // 140 Launch

What are you doing Thursday night? Sounds lame. Know what you should do? Head on over to the 140 Launch Event. 140 is the collection of retailers, restaurants, bars, clubs and music venues at (you guessed it!) 140 Perth – more commonly recognised as the corner of William St. and Murray St. Mall. The night will play host to food trucks, a bucket load of drinks and live music in the form of Katy Steele and Gossling.



ART // MUSIC // Kinko Piano #3

The absolute legends over at Kinko Piano are hosting an exhibition evening on Thursday. Artists exhibiting on the night include Peta Roebuck, Megan Higgins, Cherish Marrington and a whole heap more. If that weren’t enough, there will also be performances from Cohen Bourgault, Emily Lloyd, Michael Speranza and Jimmy’s Choice. There’s also a prize for the best hat worn on the evening.



Friday 26.06

MUSIC // SWEAT // BOOZE // Hideous Sun Demon “Sweat” Vinyl Launch

File under ‘fucked up Friday’. This one’s going to be a banger. The lords that are Hideous Sun Demon have chiselled their debut record onto wax, in much the same way Sylvester Stallone chisels his abs on every morning. And, like old mate Sylvester in Rambo (or any other movie he’s ever been in), this launch party at The Odd Fellow in Fremantle is going to be dripping in sweat. Bands playing include Nicholas Allbrook, HAMJAM (who are giving their gig money away to Portugal. The Man), The Darling Rangers and the “Fuck Off Mum I’m 12 Now” DJ’s.




Huge weekend if you’re even slightly inclined towards being a nerd. Nay, MAMMOTH WEEKEND! The pop culture extravaganza that is Supanova is in town and there are enough superstars to make even the most ‘cool, non-nerdy, cool guy’ wet his pants. Celebs on the list include Nathan Fillion, John DiMaggio (Bender, Jake The Dog), two power Rangers and a whole heap more – although if Supanova had spent all it’s money on booking one Power Ranger that would’ve been enough.



Saturday 27.06

MUSIC // RTRFM 92.1 Fremantle Winter Music Festival

If you somehow manage to crawl out of bed at all this weekend after Friday night; a) kudos and b) go to this event! RTRFM 92.1 are hosting one of this year’s biggest local music events with their 2015 edition of the Fremantle Winter Music Festival. 24 bands playing across 5 venues for almost no money at all. Highlights include Mudlark, Old Blood, Tired Lion, Jimmy Chang and Edie Green.



BLOOD // SWEAT // TEARS // WA Roller Derby Grand Final

the Sonic Doom and Electric Screams, which are roller derby teams and not vintage metal bands, will be fighting, tooth and nail, for the annual home season trophy. To secure yourself a spot for a night spent on the edge of your seat head to the link below to purchase tickets now or end up being who only gets to witness the recorded version on the cracked screen of your drunk friends’ iPhone.



MUSIC // Dune Rats and Cosmic Psychos

Two joint-wielding, banana-loving bands have come together to blow a new hole in your eardrums and soak your shoes in bourbon. Cosmic Psychos and Dune Rats are on a double headline tour and are hitting The Rosemount on Saturday with The Leeches, Emu Xperts and Ray Finkle.



Sunday 28.06

DRINKS // RECOVERY // Northbridge  

Honestly, if you can drag yourself off the bathroom floor after the weekend that we’ve set you up with then you’ll need something at a slower pace to get your engines back to zero before Monday. So, go explore! Start with a Bloody Mary at Mechanics Institute then stumble on down to The Moon Cafe for a pizza and a Dark ‘n Stormy and then head back down to The Bird for a beer.