Music Of The Week: Dodgers – Bombshell

Reviewed by: Laurent Shervington

Some things I know about the band “Dodgers”:

1) They’re from Vancouver

2) There are 3 of them

3) They have recently released their 5 – song debut “Bombshells” on Bandcamp for a Name Your Price fee.

4) They like the colour yellow quite a lot.

5) They play some pretty solid riff-oriented garage rock that kinda sounds like The Dismemberment Plan.

Of course knowing every single detail about a band isn’t essential to their enjoyment, hell, the identity of that “Mr Fantastik” rapper who was in a couple MF DOOM albums is completely unknown to me, but I still dig his stuff.

Anyways, Dodgers do a lot of things right on their debut, such as the riffs on “Cherry 2000” and “Graves I Dig”, which start the tracks off on an excellent foot, but are similarly a downfall in some respects. While these riffs ooze swagger and energy, they lose those aspects as well as some of my attention when they are repeated for the rest of the track with minimal change. While this approach to song writing is pretty tried and tested, I feel like the band would benefit from shortening their track lengths or possibly expanding on their riffs by adding some variations.

Vocally, the band conjures up some Travis Morrison-esque moments, particularly on the final track “Kiss the Boys and Make Them Die” when the vocalist rides the track well to give his delivery some presence and weight in its 5-minute length.

In due time I’m sure more will be revealed about these guys, but I admit I’m interested to see where they’ll go in their next release, who knows, one day we might even get a band Facebook page.

Listen to “Bombshells” here.