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REVIEW: Herd @ The Good Shepherd

Reviewed By: Jack Smith

The Good Shepherd hosted the launch of Doctopus’ new single ‘A.O.E.’ (Age of Empires) on Wednesday, with support from; The Worst, Yokohomos, Shiny Joe Ryan and Pissedcolas. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun since I was forced to hide in an East-Perth brothel to avoid a potential sex attacker, but I won’t go into that now.

First up the garage rock, grunge band The Worst, with their raucous, gravelly vocals and riffs as catchy as AIDS, they provided the perfect introduction to what was shaping up to be a night of chaos and great music. Their rendition of Iggy and The Stooges’ ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ was a personal highlight of the night, if you’re a fan of Mr Pop, you’ll like this band. If you like musicians that play their instruments to the point of guitar strings snapping mid-set, you’ll like this band. If you have ears and a brain, chances are, you’ll like this band.

The onstage antics of the Yokohomos have become somewhat infamous amongst those who have seen them play. With a song dedicated to a certain audience member’s mum, crowd-wading, borderline self-flagellation during their final track ‘Imagination’. Not to mention their ideal-typical punk rock energy and sound, they epitomise rock n roll. Nobody could ever say that a Yokohomos set is boring, even if you’re not a fan of their music, go to a gig just for the spectacle. If you’re still not a fan, fuck off Yokohomophobe.

Shiny Joe Ryan took the stage next with a somewhat calmer air; his self-styled country-pop, psychedelic-rock sound was a slight change of pace from the general overtone of thrashing punk mayhem and garage rock. He belongs to the caste of musicians who create music which allows you to get as close as possible to an acid trip, without actually breaking the law. The fact that he also happens to be a member of the psychedelic rock group Pond should be enough to entice you to catch his set.

I’d heard good things about Pissedcolas for quite a while but not had the chance to experience them first hand, don’t make my mistake and wait, find the time to see them. Their lyric less, technically masterful intro track got everyone’s feet moving, even the more staunch chorophobes among us. It’s sort of bizarre to watch them play, the sound is fast paced, really fast paced (duh, it is punk rock) but they make it look effortless, and the result is a well polished, tight sound on the surface but at its core; dirty, rotten punk rock, I love it.

Finally the reason we were all out on a school night; Doctopus hit the stage around 11pm, and despite their lead singer Steve Bellair coming down with tonsillitis over the weekend, the boys in the band didn’t disappoint. Doctopus are known for their helter-skelter, riotous, garage rock playing style, and their new tune ‘A.O.E.’ from their upcoming record Maintainin’ definitely fits that bill. In an attempt to prevent Steve’s tonsils from evacuating his body, a few artists from the support acts provided guest vocals for a couple of tracks, including their closing song ‘I don’t wanna be here’ and ‘Wobbegong’. If you get a chance definitely catch upcoming Doctopus gigs, ditto with all of the above acts, they’re a guarantee for an omnishambolic night, but the good kind, the kind that doesn’t end in brothels.

Check out Herd at The Good Shepherd in Leederville every Wednesday where new live, local acts will be performing, Tim and Will from Apache will be playing quirky and questionable music between sets and you can fight over sausages with your mates in an alleyway. It’s what baby Jesus died for.

Have a listen to Doctopus’ new single A.O.E. Here.