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REVIEW: Fracture

Reviewed By: Freya Parr

Brought to us by New Ghosts, written by newcomer on the scene, and WAAPA final year student Lucy Clements, Fracture is an ever-evolving tale of grief, loss and coping. It features three young adults entangled in one another’s lives in confusing ways, focussed on the grief of central character Charlie, who is forced to address the issues of his past when his ex-fiance enters, and we realise that the story is not quite what it appears at first glance.

The layout of the performance was unusual, and their use of the space in the Blue Room was innovative. The audience were seated around a boxed in stage space, so it was as though we were physically looking into their living room. This created a very realistic portrayal of the subject matter, and was a fantastic use of a space which is usually always used in the same way. Having a fully functioning kitchen as well as a constant use of household objects in a ritualistic manner aided this realistic image.

I had no idea what to expect from this production, particularly as it was written and performed by a fresh bunch of graduates and students. However, the expertise of the writing team should not have been questioned. The script was utterly fabulous. Its’ clever witticisms and nuances lulled the audience into a false sense of security, which was later shattered as the storyline unfurled, and asked some really interesting questions about the layers of Charlie’s identity and the interdependence of the characters. I am hesitant to give too much away about the nature of the plot, because it took an unexpected turn that was expertly executed.

The audience’s understanding grew at the perfect pace, and the structure of the piece was done in such a way that just as frustrations were brewing as to the nature of the characters’ relationships, the questions were answered. Genuine empathy was developed towards all the characters; a testament to all the actors, who created incredibly believable relationships with one another.

A truly stellar performance from New Ghost. Lucy Clements is a name to watch both within Perth and beyond – the writing was incredibly clever, and kept us guessing right until the very close of the play and beyond, which is something that all art should strive for.