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SoundCloud Residency July: Shit Narnia – Hugh Manning

We wanted to listen to the music that influences bands in Perth, so we launched SoundCloud residencies. In every week of July a member of Shit Narnia will share ten tracks with us that they’ve been influence by. The old, the new, the abstract and the popular – everything is welcome and there are no limits.

This week Hugh Manning, lead vocalist of Shit Narnia, drops 10 tracks on us that we should listen to.


Archers of Loaf – Web In Front

A perfect 2-minute parcel of abstracted angst. Pavement should still be kicking themselves b/c they could have sounded like Archers of Loaf but they didn’t.


Ermine Coat – Dropping Out

A Song About My Life from one of Australia’s finest purveyors of ‘sad lo-fi recorded in your parents house’ feat. the line I liked him from his forehead to the balls of his feet/but he’s a man the way a cul-de-sac’s a street.


Carb on Carb – Best Your Worst

Uplifting emo pop from Auckland, this is a beautiful and triumphant song and the way that New Zealanders pronounce ‘defensive’ is fantastic.


Dick Diver – Alice

Dick Diver’s Calendar Days deserves to go down in the annals of Australian pop history as one of The Greats and this is one of its highlights.
Laurel Fixation – Battlemode

This song is both so gut-wrenchingly sad it makes me cry and so upliftingly determined that it makes me cry.


Ted Danson With Wolves – Socio – Polito – Anarcho – Post – Coito – Manifesto

Probably the best song ever written about the Tower of Babel.


La Dispute – Why It Scares Me

When I was like 16 Albert and I were walking down the hill and he started singing this song and I was like WHAT IS THAT FUCKING SONG, it had a really immediate and really lasting impact on me. This split is La Dispute’s best work imo.


The Mountain Goats – Rain Song

Perfect lo-fi Mountain Goats. Fuzzy, obviously written in 15 minutes, and beautiful. Contains one of Darnielle’s greatest pre-song notes.


High Tension – Without US

I feel like my life would be a lot cooler (if quite disorienting) if all dialogue was in Karina Utomo’s scream.


Bitch Prefect – Bad Decisions

All I know about Adelaide comes from the music of Bitch Prefect and the stories of a friend who lived in a miserable sharehouse in its outer suburbs for a couple months and from only those two data points it seems like a pretty sad place.