X-Press and TheMusic Fusing Together In July, Forming Music Press Coalition

Words by: Jonathon Davidson published an announcement on their website today that X-Press magazine will be converging with TheMusic in the name of reaching a larger audience and providing greater possbilities for advertisers and publicists.

While X-Press will continue to cover the physical print market, TheMusic are going all-digital and absorbing XPress’s online publications.

The last issue of TheMusic being printed in West Australia will be published on the 1st of July.

Both managing director of TheMusic Craig Treweek and the managing X-Press publisher Joe Cipriani cited positive outcomes for each entity in the face of the current media landscape and entertainment scene, and to better serve fans and the industry at large.

As the announcement on TheMusic reads, this move will see X-Press continue to hold what is effectively a passive monopoly on independent music newspaper circulation in Perth.

This is not necessarily a cause for concern for most local readers: X-Press have held a tight grip in Perth for upwards of twenty five years as it is.

However, the plans re-focus the spotlight not only on the permanency of X-Press in Perth, but also their move to ‘join forces’  with a group looking to centralise independent online music press.

Perhaps X-Press are right to drop back to print alone in a state where on-paper publications are being swept out inch by inch under a global wave of increasingly online communication, and it isn’t a controversial statement to suggest that in recent years TheMusic has been publishing in numbers far above the count of the active readership.

Whether or not the local advertisement and publicist environment will change with regards to Perth’s music scene is something yet to be realised.