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CLOUD NINE: The Best 9 Tracks From June

Words By Our Music Crew

Image Credit Dianas


No Joy – ‘Everything New’

Montreal dream-pop band No Joy have been making fuzzy, reverb drenched guitar pop, centring around the interplaying vocals of Laura Lloyd and Jasamine White-Gluz, since their 2010 debut “Ghost Blonde”. This in June saw the band come out with “More Faithful” featuring the track “Everything New”, which came with a video featuring dizzying filters and a seemingly random storyline.

The track itself glides from hook to hook, with the line “time will subside” linking the verses together, but it isn’t until the chorus kicks until the song really comes into its own. No Joy has a method of vocal interplay that adds so much to their songs and “Everything New” is a prime example.

If the new Best Coast album didn’t hit the spot for you, this slice of shoegazy pop will.


FIDLAR – ‘40oz. On Repeat’

’40oz. On Repeat’ is the first single to be released this year by California skate-punk, surf-rock Gods; FIDLAR. Lyrically nihilistic, but entertaining and fun, like a clown car traffic crash, this track promises great things from their upcoming album Too. Have a listen to the song but don’t watch the music video, I did and now every time I see pigtails I simultaneously throw up and get an erection.


Wavves X Cloud Nothings – ‘No Life For Me’

Honestly, it doesn’t get much better. It doesn’t get much more lo-fi and scuzzy either. Two of the biggest hyped up hipster guitar bands from a few years ago collaborating might sound like a strange idea but everything clicks into place as if the two projects were meant to be together (cue a single tear). Get this track into your earholes, jam out like it’s 2013 again and kick one of those electronic-lovers (eww! jks) in the shins.




Bad Dreems – ‘Hiding To Nothing’

Adelaide outsider rock outfit Bad Dreems’ new track ‘Hiding To Nothing’ brings back the old school with 70’s guitar riffs inspired by the Aussie underground and nasally bittersweet pop. It’s a little rough around the edges, but the raw sound adds to the appeal. ‘Hiding to Nothing’ provides fuel to the fire of your old glory days, a little spark to that bottled up, left over teenage rebellion.


Chet Faker – ‘Bend’

Revealed in conjunction with the announcement of an east-coast Australian tour, Chet Faker’s newly released track ‘Bend’ infuses indie-jazz drum beats and guitar samples with modern, stylistic soul vocals. ‘Bend’ is a leftover track from his debut album Built on Glass, hence the semi-random release, but fret not, a new album is on the way and we can’t wait.


Cool Sounds – ‘Control’ 

Melbourne-based seven piece (yes, the number of God – hallelujah!) Cool Sounds have been hanging around for a little while now pleasing people with their organic lo-fi. Their track Control, layers crisp, reverby guitar lines over synths, steady drums and the ever-impressive, ever-awesome saxophone. You can spin this over and over again and you’ll pick something new up almost every time. If you’re in the Melbourne area and have the chance to get to one of their shows then do, because they’re amazing live!




Doctopus – ‘AOE’

Doctopus would have to be one most humble and down to earth bands playing Perth’s live scene today. Their goofy and laid-back approach to making lo-fi garage/slacker rock not only charms and fires up crowds, but results in some damn solid tracks with new single “AOE” being no exception.

“AOE is about obsession, sleep and friendship (both online and afk)” says the bandcamp description and this song has the amazing quality of being able to transport you to the bedroom it was recorded in, with lines like “I’m up all night hey man I’m playing AOE” and “I hang with you and everything is sweet”.

This single shows off Doctopus’s loveable eight-legged larrikinism at its purest state and shouts out Age of Empires in the coolest way possible.


Flowermouth – Urethane 

Flowermouth have continued on a winning track, sticking to their punk roots, but have built on that foundation to create a single that’s simultaneously multi-dimensional and accessible at the same time. On one hand, between raucous drum fills and crunchy bass (like crunchier than a motha f’in Snickers bar) it’s brutal punk, on the other hand, between well placed harmonies and hook-heavy guitar riffs, it’s got an edge of approachability for all. This single has already taken off and there’s more to come with an EP being released this month!


Dianas – Good Enough Girl

Dianas released another stellar track in June. Actually, Good Enough Girl might be the duo/trio’s best release yet. Smart, savvy guitar lines (Richie Rich tones dude) drift underneath the wondrous harmonies this band is built on. If this single is the prelude to an album then we can only imagine that the album is truly going to blow our minds.