Winter Garden Fremantle Launch

Words by: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

It may not snow in Perth but that hasn’t stopped our hearts craving frost bitten fingertips and rosy cheeks this winter. Luckily, Fremantle is delivering the goods with month-long festivities centred on the surrounds of an open air ice rink.

Venturing through the entrance into this winter wonderland I attempted to evoke my childlike spirit, giving the activities a thorough once over before calling it quits at the bar and revelling in the sounds of Easy Tigers.

Donning some rather bulky skates, that prompted me to walk like a newborn foal, my pal and I plodded over to the rink and attempted to gracefully glide around like the scattering of young tykes and their beaming, ever worried parents alongside them. Despite my slippery experience, the Winter Garden’s offering of an ice rink was appealing to the rest of the crowd of happy, rugged up dwellers, with many a laugh being shared.

Coaxed off the ice, and trying my best not to stack it on my face, I exited in a straight bee-line to the bar. Moments later the local version of Disney on Ice resumed in front of my eyes as nimble, fresh faced youngsters took to the rink in a polished display of synchronised skating to childhood fairy tale favourites and a few recent pop takeovers.

As I sat absorbing the atmosphere in the idyllic surrounds of the Fremantle Esplanade, enjoying some mulled cider courtesy of The National Hotel bar, I reflected upon an endearing night out at the Winter Festival. Whether you attend for a cosy few drinks with friends, or to entertain the energetic little ones in your family, there’s something for all ages from carnival rides and pop up slides to chalet-style vibes and winter-full times.