Creative Writing

Over Valleys Under Mountains

Words by: Zac Duggan

A million ideologies and motivations
Spew from my reclaimed idealism
Like carotid arteries of the mind
Revelations that evade my frisky tongue
The same echoes that fall dead on ears young

Because one’s truth is another’s failure
My Everest for you could be the hollow drum
Of crickets evoking a long extinguished sun
Souls slowly drowned by rhetoric and pressure
From a million stern faced whispering gulls

Yet beauty blooms here on every corner
Smiling faces, baggy clothes on supple bodies
Coffee brewed, its bitterness makes me sweeter
Tobacco smoke roughens my lungs to make smooth
Another angel in overalls, I may never meet her
Caught deep in mental journeys, screams to “move!”

I imagine I as a genie making millions of their dreams
But false hopes like this blunt my purpose
Expectations recede out like moonlit tides
Soon just mere ripples on the pale lit ocean of life
The middle way. Between infinity and annihilation,
Between orgiastic psychedelic shocking honesty
And personalities like raw eggs glum at traffic lights

The world now blackens evenly
Though it provides us all infinite splendour
Music that rhymes and spreads love among strangers
Experiences to shout to the heavens sublime
Stars that stay up until sunrise with me
Angels to share and carve out life journeys

Down into the luscious tempting valleys of hell
Some lose their wings and don’t make out
But the view from the other side
Its description would melt this page like a witch
A journey that bombards and awakens the six senses
Like an essay on Buddhism, it would miss the point!

Like all your greatest loves it will die
But we are the part that lives on
For some – hiding in the shadows of depression
And others oozing and bright like phosphorus

The peak of ecstasy.
A fire to be lit underwater
A thornless rose is quickly eaten up
We will never get anywhere plodding along
On flat ground with 5 star safety and low interest
Nobody set out to climb mountains to be common
And motivation is drawn from memories of troughs

Fallen angels rise, rise, rise before the gravity
Before time and disillusionment fade you to cavity

In between the waves of peace
In between the breaths is the point
Lakes are boring and deserts fill with death
But watch life bloom in the shadows of mountains
A call to grow from the irrigation and influence

The world religions built false idols to the sky
Betraying their apparent faith to houses of imitation
Alps, the snow capped homes of gods
Forgive masses who took the ‘G word’ too literally
Metaphor for growing mountains flowing rivers
Omniscient peak looks down as clouds rain below

We who call the sun into being without effort
Building physical egos like Babels to the sky
To mask the haunting, frivolous fear to die
Then we carve bare valleys for black treasure
From the earth that beats rhythm in our hearts
All done for mere profit is a crime against oneself
You can’t be neutral on your spaceship home

Preaching goodness yet stepping towards extinction
A billion addicts behind computer desks
Cannot chop out the log they perch on
A revolution is Darwin’s evolution remastered

Dear species, befuddled and deceived by matter
Haunted by the ticking, swallowing time
As we build glass shells into once blue skies
Digging deeper trenches to fetch the darkest fuels
We have elevators up and elevators down
We’ve got happy pills to treat your frown
But in this sea of opinion the truth does drown

As we build, seek, spend, launch and dig
We with gondolas and buses to the peaks
With cars and trains down to valleys
Longer trips but shorter journeys
Far more pictures than lessons
Far more Facebook friends than soul mates
We climb up signposts to get to where we need
We buy the package and eat the food anyway
We who level mountains instead of solar power
We miss this moment, the one one that exists.