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Review: Mining Tax – Degeneration Report

Words By: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

The Mining Tax, a Perth hi-vis donning duo have been a source of hilarity for the local music scene as of late with no end to sprouting puns related to our nation’s political woes and constant pussyfooting. But maybe they have a point. The whole country is laughing at the circus show evolving in front of our screens and Degenerational Report captures it with its larrikin nature and 80’s style dance beats.

The first track on the EP ‘Our Future’ wields a certain atmosphere with hovering bass, samples of droning dribble and a portentous toned voice encouraging you to arm yourself for a looming Armageddon.

Accompanying every track, disco instrumentals provided a light hearted tone to the political commentary Mining Tax offer up. Fed on a diet of hearty meat pies and sauce, tracks like ‘Footy’ and ‘C.Y.’ capture an encompassment of suburbia and place me back into better days when student loans weren’t looming me in the face and I unashamedly sung all the words to ‘Round the Twist’ every time it came on.

Usually not one for a repetitive song and tending to steer clear of them at all costs ‘Budget Emergency’ comprises of a fair share of repetition however, strangely enough I appreciate it. The reiteration of ‘Oh it’s a budget emergency’ tucked into anecdotal, satirical lyrics somehow brings the point home. Can someone broadcast this into a megaphone outside the parliament house whilst also playing that one scene from Castle with Darryl Kerrigan as he says “Tell him he’s dreaming.”

Mining Tax have comprised the perfect concoction of politics, sweet beats reminiscent of an era I wish I existed in and prime-time sound effects paired with vocalist Alex “Griff” Griffin’s murmuring that keep reminding me of every old school ABC show and Harold Gribble (the potato guy).

Side note for Mining Tax: Please sample Darryl Kerrigan, all my Christmases would come at once.

Listen here.