This Week’s WA Youth Parliament Had More Integrity Than Actual Parliament

Words by: Jonathon Davidson

A West Australian government media statement released today highlighted the fact that this year’s Youth Parliament of WA have had more of a desire to act like actual politicians than our legitimately elected government.

Young Leaders Debate The Big Issues” summarised the tone of the release well, and the body of the statement points out the fact that the 2015 Youth Parliament debated eight ‘big issue’ bills including: the Judicial Understanding for Sentencing Those Involved In Criminal Enterprise Bill 2015, the Education Reform Bill 2015, the Prevention of and Response to Bullying in Education Bill 2015 and the Renewable Energy for Western Australia Bill 2015

This is in stark contrast to this week’s royal inquiry focusing on Bill Shorten (with which all broadcasters are having a field day) and an ongoing week of the fallout following the PM’s decision to boycott ABC’s popular program Q&A.

Both of these ongoing cases show that this week’s political consciousness has been incredibly self-aware and self-referential, and coverage has focused largely on the ongoing and well known flaws that reside in our representatives.

The Youth Parliament, hosted by YMCA, is run every year and receives favorable attention from a number of West Australian agencies and departments.