Two Men Convicted of Kalgoorlie ‘Body-In-Bin’ Murder

Words by: Freya Hall

Last night two men were convicted of murder after a Supreme Court jury heard that they beat, tortured and dismembered Beau Davies, 24.

Stephen Roberts, 50, and his friend Stephen Gandy, 40, were both convicted of murder when the jury returned their verdict around 5.30 pm.

Two drug acquaintances, Christian Gomis, 30, and Jayden Kett, 26, were acquitted of murder, but convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

All four men denied Mr Davies murder, instead opting to blame each other for his death.

The jury deliberated for more than two days following the intensive seven-week trial.

At the trial the jury heard that Mr Davies had racked up a $20,000 debt to Mr Roberts, who was a methamphetamine dealer.

Prosecutors alleged that the men believed Davies swindled them out of this money, concluding that “he would pay with his life”.

Evidence was put before the court that Davies had been tortured in the lead up to his death: he was cable tied, bashed over the head with an axe handle, had his right ring finger cut off, and was stabbed repeatedly.

Following this torture Mr Davies was stuffed into a bag, transported back to Mr Davies home, where he was dismembered and placed in a wheelie bin.

The remains of Mr Davies were discovered in the bin, which had been placed in a laneway outside the Kalgoorlie home of Mr Roberts.

The accused are scheduled to be sentenced on July 28.