Transperth To Adopt Free Wi-fi On Buses, Trains

Words by: Jonathon Davidson

The West Australian government have officially begun the search for a company to make free wi-fi for Transperth happen and the office for Minister of Transport Dean Nalder are reporting that some companies have offered to do it for free in exchange for advertising revenue.

As some sources indicate that young Australians are turning their backs on vehicle ownership compared to 20 years ago (myself absolutely not included), it’s not too totally whingey to highlight the fact that it’s about time we got started on this one – especially given that roughly 38% of Transperth users fall into the 18-25 demographic, and you know how we get without a good signal.

Tens of millions of passengers complete trips using Transperth services each year, so it makes sense that a small scale company would be willing to take the contract for no cost apart from a few digital and visual ads.

Transperth information management is handled by private contractor Serco.

The official period for companies to lodge submissions of interest in the wi-fi contract ends on the 1st of September with a trial expected to commence some short number of months afterwards.