Divorce In WA Continues to Rise

Words by: Maria Odufuye

Today, an outstanding 60 couples attended court in WA to settle divorces – all in the space of half an hour. 

In 2011 statistics showed that the WA divorce rate had increased by a whopping 3.8% from the previous year. At that time WA was the only state to have a rise in divorces, as the percentage of divorces in other states and territories decreased.

Why is it that WA continues to present such high divorce rates? Social researcher, Mark Crindle, stated in 2013 that this increase was “one of the unintended consequences of the mining boom”.

Perhaps Mr Crindle is right, of course in some relationships FIFO work can take a strain on the home, however not everyone in WA filing for a divorce is a FIFO worker.

Is the rest of Australia doing something that WA isn’t, or are these figures just an anomaly? There could be hundreds of reasons as to why WA presents increasing figures, however there’s still yet to be any conclusive answer.