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MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Little Death – Valleys

Words By Matt Steyn

Image credit Max Fairclough

Little Death, the project founded by Perth-based, globally roaming songwriter, Ryan Carson, recently released the first single to come from an LP that has a story behind it most bands would kill for.

Carson, the thoughtful dude he is, found himself listening to Placebo’s classic record Meds one evening and realised how intricate and brilliant the production was. So, instead of leaving it at that, he sent his demo tracks to the producer behind the record, Dimitri Tikiovoi, who’s also worked with one of my personal faves, The Horrors.

A little while later, after Tikiovoi listened to the demos, Carson found himself in London working on a full length record, mixing with the minds behind Florence and the Machine and hanging with his heroes, Placebo.

The single, Valleys, is a testament to Carson’s outstanding songwriting ability and the enormous sound Tikiovoi could draw from it. In actuality this single is also a testament to the vision and hustle that Carson has approached Little Death with – building a legacy from the very beginning.

The song itself is enormous. Properly enormous though, falling into the league of anthemic bands like 30 Seconds To Mars. Big riffs, drums that carry reverb like they’re being beaten inside a monstrous cave and detailed production effects that give you something new every time you listen.