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SoundCloud Residency July: Shit Narnia, Sam Atkin

We wanted to listen to the music that influences bands in Perth, so we launched SoundCloud residencies. In every week of July a member of Shit Narnia will share ten tracks with us that they’ve been influenced by. The old, the new, the abstract and the popular – everything is welcome from any era, there are no limits.

This week old mate Sam Atkin, drops 10 tracks on us that we should listen to. Listen for anything that resembles bass wah.

D.R.I – Couch Slouch

Obligatory punk song. Essential broke-mum’s-vase-headbanging-in-the-lougeroom song/album.

Sister Irene O’Connor – Fire of God’s Love

If all nuns made music like this I think the Blues Brothers would have been a very very different film.

Jane Harris– Misery Cares

Jane Harris is from Perth, and that’s about all I know about her. The level of restraint it must take to make music as calm and sad as this absolutely amazes me. Incredibly immersive.

Jefre Cantu-Ledsema – Loving Love

Who knew there was such a thing as romantic harsh noise music??

Jandek – Naked in the Afternoon

Jandek was a big inspiration to me in terms of making music for yourself to listen to. This guy pumped out album after album of weird and uncomfortable music and released them all on his own record label (on which he is still the sole signee). All of the DIY ethos of punk but with none of the Cool Leather Jackets.

Guided by Voices – Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory

Another Big Deal for my views on making music. Shows that you dont need the luxury of the studio to write a 10/10 pop banger.

Flaming Tunes – Breast Stroke

Weird post-punk from Gareth Williams (of This Heat) and Mary Currie. Kind of sounds like This Heat doing pop music on the settee while their kids watch sesame street. Domestic.

DJ Yo-Yo Dieting – Track 1

In 1000 years, long after the earth has been invaded by 5th dimensional beings, this is what they’ll play in clubs. I think this guy might actually be the re-animated corpse of DJ Screw.

Glenn Branca – Lesson No.2

This is usually what I listen to when im out of ideas, Glenn Branca approaches the guitar in a very different way to anyone else.

Rabbit Island – My Own Private

This is one of the first local songs I heard when I moved to the city, and it almost singlehandedly re-ignited my love for writing music. Still the best song from Perth ever.