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Review: Mojo’s Monthly Comedy ft. Greg Fleet

Words by: J.W Denholm

There was an excited buzz in the air when I arrived at the cosy Mojo’s bar in Fremantle. People were waiting in anticipation for the Australian comedy royalty Greg Fleet. The bar staff were flat tack as the patrons lubricated their funny bones. The place was packed. The night overall was fantastic, a bonus half hour of comedy thrown in to an already all-star line-up made for one of the best nights of comedy this side of Pluto. If you haven’t been down to Mojo’s, it comes highly recommended by me. Here is how the night went down.

This venue had a real comfortable feeling to it and I quickly settled in for a night of comedy. The MC for the evening was Rory Lowe, and he didn’t disappoint. His impeccable skill at talking and reacting off the crowd helped warm up the initially shy audience. He maintained his high energy throughout the whole night and the show was considerably better for it.

First up of the acts was the relatively new Scott Sharpe who was an absolute audience favourite for the night. His witty observations of corporate life really tickled the funny bone of the working class audience. If you follow the Perth comedy scene and haven’t had a chance to check him out yet you’re missing out. We had a great collection of comics come through next, Brodi Snook making the crowd laugh with her tales from abroad. Followed by Glen Grimwood (pictured), whose self-deprecating comedy was well delivered, it felt like it came from a very truthful, yet, funny place. He’s another comic worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Next up we had Corey White, his often offensive critique of Australian culture and politics was something the crowd took time warming up to. Once they did nothing could stop the laughs, it was obvious that Corey enjoyed every minute of it.

After a much needed break to rest our funny bones, we had a drop in from the always funny and aggressively optimistic Cameron McLaren. No-one was objecting to the bonus comedy, especially once the jokes started rolling in. His optimistic, up-beat observational style is refreshing and he’s never far away from a punchline. Make sure to look out for him the next fringe festival.

Finally we had the man we had all been waiting for. Australian comedy royalty took the stage in the form of Greg Fleet. This was far from the first time I have seen this man perform but I was still just as impressed. His improvisation and ability to deal with the, by this point, slightly intoxicated hecklers from the back of the room kept the crow applauding for the better part of his set. He mixed it up with some interesting and funny anecdotes from his upcoming book, These Things Happen.

Across the board it was a fantastic night of comedy. You can find it at Mojo’s on the second Tuesday of every month. If you can’t get down to that particular night, Vulture Culture Comedy the guys who bring it to you have a number of events around Perth, Including the up-coming Rottofest Comedy Festival. Check out their website for details.