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MOTW: The Wheelers of Oz – La Petite Mort

Words by: Jack Smith

“La Petite Mort” is a French phrase which literally translates to “The Little Death”, colloquially, in French, it means ‘orgasm’.

‘Orgasmic’ is a pretty perfect description for The Wheelers of Oz’s first single, taken from their upcoming, debut album Revivalised, if this sound is anything to go by then Perth music lovers have something to be excited about. The reverberant, clingedy-clangedy guitars and echoey vocals that tail off into the ether evoke the feeling of ecstasy. Which judging by the lyrics, “it feels so good that I’m starting to lose my mind”, is something that the guys in the band know a bit about.

The beginning of the track sounds sort of similar to those distinctive Oasis guitar solo intros, but it doesn’t take long for The Wheelers of Oz’s own brand of psychedelia to kick in and completely transform the song. A little bit reminiscent of The Brian Jonestown Massacre lyrically and in terms of pace, whilst remaining original and individualistic, this song can take pride of place on Perth’s psych-pop/rock musical mantle piece.

The album is launching on August 8th at The Bird, it’d be a cardinal sin to miss this and Saint Cecilia does insist that you attend. But for now have a listen to the single below: