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INTERVIEW: Little Death

We caught up with Ryan Carson, lead vocalist/songwriter for Little Death, one of the hottest new bands to emerge from 2015, about writing honestly, sticking to your guns and hanging out with Placebo.


How did you start playing music?

I remember seeing my friends band play when I was in High School and thinking thats what I wanted to do with my life. I was never interested in playing instruments or very fanatical about music until then, after that though something clicked and I became obsessed with it. I grew up with a Dad who has great taste in music, so I was being subconciously influenced by good stuff my whole life.

What influences new material?

I try to write as honestly as possible about my own experience, when I feel the need to say something to the world or to myself a song will just flow out. I am always thinking about a whole bunch of deep shit so it’s a good release valve and a way for me to process life.

What is your writing process?

I usually will have a light bulb moment of inspiration in which the whole song will just come out in its entirety, but I have figured out over the years I will usually get a skeleton idea for a song and my brain will then start obsessing subconciously and processing it for a few weeks and the finished song will come back out of my brain. Its a nice little gift from somewhere unknown or from the deep recesses of my mind.

Break down your gear set up – what are you playing/using live/in the studio?

I am obsessed with all things guitar/amplifier/pedal related so I have spent a huge amount of time researching and trialing a whole bunch of different gear combinations to find just the right tone and sound I was after. Live I play a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty and a Fender Jaguar through a Fender Twin Reverb 1965 Re-Issue. As for pedals my signature tone comes from a sweet hand made vintage distortion pedal I found and had shipped over, the pedal is amazing and was used on the entire record and live. Other than that I use a Strymon Big Sky for some sweet reverbs and a Boss Gigadelay. I really want a PRS though so if you are listening PRS give me a guitar!

Highlights of 2015 so far?

Definitely getting invited to London to work with my dream producer Dimitri Tikovoi who was the man behind one of my favourite albums, Placebo’s “Meds”. And to top it all off I got to hang out with Placebo in London one night for dinner and drinks after recording which was very surreal and awesome. Placebo are definitely a huge inspiration for me so it was a dream come true and I got a lot of great advice.

5 bands we should be listening to? 

Thats a hard one because Im not really up to date with all the latest bands, however my personal favourite bands to listen to are: Silverchair, Placebo, Radiohead, Silversun Pickups and Bring Me The Horizon.