The Northern Territory Might Become An Official State In 2018

Words by: Jon Davidson

The Australian have released a comprehensive report on today’s news that the Prime Minister and other state premiers all supported plans for the NT to become a state in July 2018.

The actual discussion that took place wherein the agreement was founded occurred at an ‘unofficial’ Council of Australian Governments leaders’ retreat, according to The Australian reporter Jared Owens.

While this agreement does not translate necessarily to a thumbs-up for the proposal, it is relevant to note that a unanimous green light on the proposition from the PM and state premiers holds considerable weight.

The Northern Territory are considering statehood to alter the structure of the NT Government – currently, Australian territories are only elected two senators.

Furthermore, the Australian report states that NT adopting statehood would prevent the Commonwealth from having the jurisdiction to override local laws.

The NT News, famous (perhaps infamous) for their role as the drunk rowdy cousin of Australian media outlets, have released their perspective on the news in traditional fashion.