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Review: Leftover Lovers Vol. 3 @ The Bird

Words By: Jack Smith

Leftover Lovers Vol. 3 was the mid-week entertainment held at The Bird on Wednesday night. Proving once again, that the Perth music scene is doing as well as a pig in love, in poo. Garage punk bands The Spunloves and Kitchen People ended the night on a manic high, but starting the night off with a lo-fi, sci-fi set were Dougal’s Casino.

In a world of their own and apparently unaware of the audience, Dougal’s Casino’s new-age, dream time sound was a little at odds with the bands to come, but nevertheless they put on a pretty good show. Sporting baggy shirts and shaggy hair, the guys produced what would be a fair representation of the soundtrack playing in The Mad Hatter’s mind; prominent, almost overpowering, drum beats, psych-synth pop and a melodica even made an appearance. Melodious vocals aren’t their strong suit, but they can play their half a dozen instruments like nobody’s business, most demonstrably mid-song, mid-set, when a fuck-off, Scots Guard-like drum solo reanimated the crowd into motion and everybody’s feet started moving.

The Spunloves are one of my favourite bands to come out of Perth in recent years, and as ever, they did not disappoint with this set, playing some older tunes and debuting three new songs. They’re a throwback to the good old days of 90’s pop-rock, they’ve got the nuclear band lineup; two front-men playing two guitars, bass and drums with the addition of a tambourine attached to the cymbal. Every track was a three to four minute anthem that was impossible to sit still to, and even harder to resist singing along to. “Vomiting up Flowers’’ has to be one of the best tracks I’ve heard from anyone, anywhere in a while, I believe it’s due to be released as a double A-side along with “Feather Leaves”, so it shan’t be long until you can buy or steal these soon to be hits, surely. Their feel-good, garage-pop sound is contagious like a plague with a cold, generally I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I left that floor feeling a feeling I understand you humans call ‘happy’.

The five-piece band (because two guitars are never enough) Kitchen People provided the most frantic and energetic performance of the night, proper old-school, Sid Vicious, fuck the system, punk-rock. Looking wild-eyed through a curtain fringe, the lead singer bounced around the stage with the energy and anarchy that only rock n roll can produce. The response from the audience is exactly what I expect the band was hoping for, spilt-drink, drunk-dancing and thrashing, crashing into each other, mayhem and having fun. The only criticism I would have is that in direct contravention of the spirit of punk rock, the lead singer can actually sing. Instead of mindless,anti-establishment battle cries, they pull off some catchy, up-beat, comprehensible tunes, whilst keeping the core essence of punk alive, in a cage.

Kitchen People have an album that was forged in the hellfire that is Perth’s summer atmosphere, and the launch is August 22nd at Mojos, with support from the two other Leftover Lovers brothers, Shit Narnia, Doctopus and more. If you’re thinking of going and wanna know what’s good for you, take Shia LaBeouf’s advice and just…DO IT! The Spunloves are also currently working on their debut album, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears grated.