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SoundCloud Residency July : Shit Narnia, Albert Pritchard


We wanted to listen to the music that influences bands in Perth, so we launched SoundCloud residencies. In every week of July a member of Shit Narnia will share ten tracks with us that they’ve been influenced by. The old, the new, the abstract and the popular – everything is welcome from any era, there are no limits.

This week ace drummer Albert Pritchard shares 10 big ones:

1 “Heavy Makeup” by TOBACCO
Oh man, this guy. When I got told about this playlist thing I was determined to get some Tobacco in there, his genre has been called “meat-step” which I think is spot on. Listening to this makes me feel like I’m driving some huge convertible saloon through a post-apocalyptic wasteland of endless twilight. If you’re reading this go onto youtube and look up his EP titled LA UTI it’s like Death From Above 1979 crossed with Run the Jewels. Real dirty, real hot.

2 “The Shit Sisters” by These Arms Are Snakes
This song is the first track off an album that’s title I can never remember but when my friend got me into them this grabbed me immediately. The old equal parts tightness and insanity formula rarely fails!

3 “Blinding” by Die! Die! Die!
SUCH a banger. Once again grabbed me on first listen. I aspire to play drums like this guy he just goes completely nuts for basically the whole album and I’m in awe of him. Plus the instrumentation and vocals are fuckin’ vicious and catchy. I like them so much that I suggested a tour of NZ based on Die! Die! Die!’s coming from there alone. The idea didn’t fly but I remain hopeful.

4 “Rano Pano” by Mogwai
Ok, so let’s get serious. This song is a FEAT of dynamics. I got into drumming largely because of this album, (I’m going to nerd out for a sec) I think this drummer is absolutely amazing. He never over plays, he just lifts that one riff up and up and up over the course of 5 minutes to the point where I feel like I’m going to pass out.

5 “Farewell Transmission” by Songs: Ohia
Ok and now let’s get sad for a while. I’m teetering on the edge of falling headlong into an obsessive period over this guy. Especially in this song he treads this line between sadness and triumph, whilst the melody is uplifting his lyrics and delivery are absolutely tragic. If you can dig sad white guy music then boy oh boy this is the mother-load.

6 “Highplains Mailman” by Gareth Liddiard
I am well and truly in the grips of a very very deep obsession with Gareth Liddiard and The Drones. Very few songwriters grapple with Australianness (whatever the hell that is) at all let alone as well as Gaz and the rest of The Drones. This song is about a mailman in colonial outback Australia reading peoples mail because he’s so lonely in his travels delivering peoples messages. There are some amazing lines and I could just go on and on and on…

7 “New Amnesia Skies” by Stolen Violin
Are you also tortured by the disbanding of Australia’s
greatest ever folk/country group The Middle East? At Shit Narnia we are too!
There is some good news, it is small but it’s something. The front man from The
Middle East has also got this project and the songs are real good. It’s murkier
and dreamier and melancholic and I love it. Like Gareth Liddiard a musician
that doesn’t conceal their being Australian and that dreaded Australian accent.

8 “Slug” by Laurel Fixation
Laurel Fixation is a Perth singer/songwriter who I admire massively for many reasons. The musical reasons are her stark, pure, utterly truthful and considered, incredibly affecting lyrics. This song is so beautiful and moving and talks about mental illness and frustration, anyone who has dealt with or is dealing with something similar could find a lot of solace in her music.

9 “Chequing Acct” by Pool Boy
Alright let’s bring it home with some pop bangers. This is a friend of mines music that she has just started making in the last 3 months, this song is fresh as, 3 weeks old and I think it’s her best yet, its lush as heck and the lyrics are relatable and funny and I bloody love it.

10 “The Party’s Crashing Us” by Of Montreal
YES. A playlist of mine just would not be complete without some K-Barnes. He is an absolute nut-job, at least I think so. His music is like Fanta that changes flavour every couple of seconds, he seems to have a capacity to just go completely wild with his talent and still churn out amazing, constantly metamorphosing pop songs. I found him unbelievably irritating for so long but I kept coming back for more and now I swear by him. This song contains the absolutely outrageous line “We made love like a pair of black wizards, you free me from the past, you fuck the suburbs out of me”. Need I say more?