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Your Weekend Sorted 30.07 – 02.08

Here’s an idea, dear readers. Spend time with your family or loved ones. Look at the sky and think about how privileged you are to be alive. Tell someone you’re grateful to have them in your life.

If you’re not feeling up to that sort of self-reflection though, we’ve got a whole bunch of other great things you can get involved in.


Thursday 30.07

MUSIC // Late Night Hysterics @ The Rosemount

Those cool cool guys in that cool cool band, Late Night Hysterics, have made the pilgrimage from the buzzing metropolis of Bunbury to the sleepy town of Perth to play cool cool tunes that will have you hooked from minute one. Steppes, Teij and Rashka will all be performing support duties to make everything a little cooler.

Doors 8pm || $8



MUSIC // Beaufort St. Songwriters Club @ Defectors Bar

Hey you, arty guy/gal/other! We know what you like, songs stripped back to bare instrumentation and vocal melodies. Well, get yourself over to Defectors Bar (above the Flying Scotsman) to catch the acclaimed Beaufort St. Songwriters Club in full swing. This week Skyscraper Stan, Ivan Gian, Donna M Iverson and Evan Walsh will all be doing their thing and you won’t want to miss out!

Doors 8pm || $5



Friday 31.07

MUSIC // Oakland (Into The Sea EP launch) @ Mojos

Can’t get enough of a good slice of indie rock? Well, the lovely lads in Oakland have served up a mouthwateringly delicious EP for those of you with an indie tooth. They’re celebrating this scrumptious treat by having one hell of a dinner party with their pals, and ours, Gunns, These Winter Nights and DJ Enzyme (fits my theme perfectly!) between sets.

Doors 8pm || $10



ART // Jordy Hewitt (Ledge Point) @ Moana

Australian artist Jordy Hewitt, who has toured nationally, has her latest exhibition at Moana this week. ‘Ledge Point’ is a series of oil paintings that explore various, deep emotional states. Contemplate and investigate these states this Friday evening.

Gallery times: 7 – 4 Monday to Friday, 10 – 3 Saturday, and 11 – 4 Sunday



MUSIC // The Big Splash Semi-final #1 @ The Rosemount

It may be a band competition, but don’t expect a musical version of Lord Of The Flies. It’s more like a family football match that gets a bit rowdy when uncle whatshisface tackles dad a bit roughly; sure it’s a bit tense but everyone leaves friends. Anyway, local hotshots Cool Band, Verge Collection, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Shit Narnia and Apollo’s Son will all be trying to impress you and the judges with their best songs and their best dance moves.

Doors 8pm || $10



Saturday 01.08

MUSIC // Joni in the Moon (War and Porn single/video launch) @ Mojo’s

Joni in the Moon, the songstress behind gems like ‘Yellow Moon’ and ‘Dove Song’, is releasing her new tune ‘War and Porn’ in style by dropping not only the single, but the video for the track in one evening.  If you want to have a ‘synthgasm’ (or does the synth have the synthgasm?), then head along to what is sure to be a special evening indeed – Mei Saraswati and Flower Drums are pulling in as well!

Doors 8pm || $10



ART // Unfolding: New Indian Textiles @ Fremantle Arts Centre

Enjoy hand-crafted Indian textiles like saris, uncut cloth and street wear? Well, have we got a show for you! This exhibition is curated by WA artist Maggie Baxter, who has had an intimate connection with fine Indian textile makers for 25 years, the show coincides with the WA launch of her book Unfolding: Contemporary Indian Textiles. 



Sunday 02.08

COMEDY // Death Cab For Comedy @ The Rosemount

The funny guys at InfiniteJest are hosting what is sure to be a side splitting evening of comedic entertainment with the likes of Steven J Whitely, Ciaran Lyons, Sonny Yang and several others hitting the stage to spin yarns and hit you with the hardest of punchlines before musical headliner Wisdom 2th have you taking Panadol for your sore tear ducts (*tears of joy).

Doors 7pm || $10



MUSIC // The Shops (EP Launch) @ Mojo’s 

The well-named outfit, The Shops, are launching their new EP at Mojo’s with help from equally well-named artists/friends Leah Miche, Arlo-Esnat, Wuyong The Wizard, When Autumn Leaves and MC Strongo Bongo. 

Doors 6pm || –