Gigs Reviews

Hidden Treasures #4

Words By: Laurent Shervington


So for the last few weeks this thing called Hidden Treasures has been taking over the general Fremantle area of High Street, featuring 4 venues: Buffalo Club, Navy Club, PS Art Space and The National Hotel.

As you may know already the general concept is there are a whole bunch of bands playing at different times at each place, so time management is required to get your monies worth.

Starting off at The National upstairs section, my mate and I got a seat outside and watched the Irish Music Session that was happening indoors with about 10 or dudes sitting around a big table playing a flurry of string instruments. The acoustics were really something and as we got up to make our way to the place a guy entertained us with a tap dancing solo which was freaking awesome.

the line to get into PSAS
Our next stop was the bovine beauty known as the Buffalo club, where Legs Electric strutted their stuff in front of a packed club. As their frenetic set wore on, more of the crowd began to put their beers down and feel the beat with the fans at the front. Legs live rendition of “Trigger” was a highlight, receiving a great reaction from the crowd and the band seemed to be enjoying every minute of the old school rock n roll set they were performing.

rachel hocking playing with CELERY

Next up was the always entertaining and ear-drum destroying Hideous Sun Demon, who played a lot of songs off their excellent debut “Sweat” released late last year. Personal highlight would have to be “Bricklover”, a very danceable track that really shines in a live setting with its staccato rhythm and catchy vocal line. “PSYCHEDELIC!” shouted a lady at the front to the band, “you guys are bringing GREAT MUSIC back baby!” she followed with front-man Vin Buchanan-Simpson thanking her for the compliment and chucking slightly at the unexpected nature of it.

blake hart, drummer of many bands including HIDEOUS SUN DEMON

Last stop of the night was the PS Art Space, a huge open warehouse type place where I heard some kind of Caribbean rave was going on. My friend and I managed to deal with a short line to get in to catch the start of Grace Barbé, a very cool band with members from the Seychelles laying down some very danceable grooves and foreign rhythms that had gathered a huge crowd reaction. The band was joined on stage by two dancers who helped to teach the crowd a special dance that soon everyone at the front was doing with varying levels of rhythmic concern. Once Barbé’s set and the pop-up Zumba session had ceased the crowd slowly started to spill from the huge warehouse.

grace barbe aftro kreol plus backup dancers

The huge response this mini festival has garnered has been really impressive and awesome in featuring some Perth artists that really deserve to get some more recognition. I left with good feels and a brand new dance move to pull out at the next social occasion.