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Music of The Week: Teen Angst – Late Night

Words By: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Get your garters wet with Teen Angst’s tasty new lo-fi track ‘Late Night’. It’s the divine encompassment of all your woes tied up in twine and dipped in the fluid of your burnt teenage dreams down by the mall.

Hailing from Perth, Michelle Yeong’s bedroom pop project has produced Sadolescence, a moody rumination of strong catchy guitar riffs and faint reverb drenched vocals. Before she’s ready to deliver another EP straight from the comfort of her humble abode later this year, she’s gifted us a teaser. Man, the wonders of the internet. A little bit Best Coast, a hell of a lot Bleached with a take-down on tempo, this sceptical, grunge clad, sad girl’s tunes are chill and the kind of sound you want on vinyl. Not a fan of vinyl? Then hand the aux cord over because if you’ve had a little too much to drink or heading on a massive downer you can definitely kick back to ‘Late Night’. Let the fuzz overtake you.

Exploring every suburban teen’s anguish of having no place to go except the local shops, ‘Late Night’ sets the scene for the place where we used to escape our parents and ultimately indulge on take-out and way too many 50 cent cones. When did the mall stop becoming an hour long grocery shopping trip in the trolley to the ultimate hang out spot? Adolescent brains are weird.

Heads up! Yeong, you should collab with Daria. Let the cynicism envelope you.