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The Tinder Chronicles Part 2: Man Overboard


Words By: Beth Commons

I had spoken to this boy once the night before over tinder and he had a confidence to him that confused me. He asked if I wanted to get a drink. Right now? Yeah, or tomorrow. I explained to him that I couldn’t possibly right now because I had already donned my pyjamas and was in bed. Who says you have to change? Some weird sexting ensued and we agreed to meet up the day after.

When I met him at a bar, he was drinking a water. I bought a house wine and we spoke for a little bit. He asked me if I was the tinder queen and said ‘gee’ and ‘tad’ a lot. We left the bar in search of new activities and found them in making out at a closed car park. I stopped and told him we should go someplace less well lit. He thanked me for kissing him and said that “it was a good kiss”.

Our next location was a park. He asked if i was hungry and chased a rabbit. Weird joke. We sat on a bench and made out again. his hand was on my inner thigh.

Then we went to the beach and blew each other.

He had to catch the last bus home but he had a bag with him that told me that he didn’t want to go home. He made a feeble attempt at stalling by taking ages to pick up his toothbrush that he dropped on the pavement as we walked to the bus stop. I told him he could run if he wanted to and after a moment he agreed he should run. He gave me a hasty cuddle and told me he loved me, “oh well like I don’t love you, you know what i mean”.

Then he ran off into the distance. I just kind of watched as the back of him became smaller and smaller until I couldn’t see him anymore.