Protesters Lock On to Save Old Freo Homes

Words by: Tim Mead

Protests surrounding the controversial Perth Freight Link are beginning to heat up, with local protesters digging secret tunnels and locking themselves into abandoned houses to prevent their demolition.

The houses in question are on the corner of High St and Stirling Highway.  Simon Peterffy spoke out for occupy this week stating that protesters were engaging in “lock on” techniques to secure themselves in the houses and prevent their demolition.  Some lock ons are located dangerously close to power cables and would be almost impossible to remove.

The Liberal MP for Bateman, Matt Taylor is reported to have claimed the houses in question are the home of druggies and crime, however Peterffy claims Occupy enforces a drug and alcohol free policy and give shelter to local homeless men from the community.  They provide blankets and mattresses as well as a selection of clothes.

Protesters are planning on painting the houses with anti link messages as the campaign grows momentum.  Recently one of the houses was fenced off in preparation for demolition and the protesters confiscated the fencing.  As the demolition date grows closer, the heat will continue to rise on the protesters securing themselves in the abandoned buildings.