Perth Theatre Company Cancels 2015 Program In Face Of Low Sponsorship

Words by: Jonathon Davidson

Two upcoming productions intended to be provided by Perth Theatre Company this season – Of Mice and Men and a play named Yourseven – have been cancelled due to a lack of sponsorship given to the company this year by corporate affiliates.

Perth Theatre Company released a statement via Facebook this morning clarifying that the two productions had regrettably been cancelled before their intended performance dates, with all ticketholders allocated full refunds.

Via PTC Facebook
Via PTC Facebook

The situation is ought to have Perth dramaturges paying attention.

The statement released by the company itself goes on to speculate if the West Australian economy is to blame.

These concerns are undoubtedly compounded by additional scrutiny being cast onto the entirety of Australian arts funding under the currently elected leadership.

While the concerned reader can only wait for further information on this issue – at worst possibly having to wait until 2016 – it is obvious that the cancellations underlie a national problem which needs to be addressed.

The question of how Perth Theatre Company are able to repackage their sponsorship deals – as well as potentially having to rebrand to address shifting attitudes and expectations – waits to be answered.