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SoundCloud Residency August: Rag N’ Bone, Axel Carrington

Starting off our August Soundcloud Residency is none other than Rag N Bone guitarist Axel Carrington, with 10 of his favourite tracks.

1. John Fahey – The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, California: start off with my guy, the dude, the head honcho, the man whose music makes all the trouble of life worthwhile. Fahey’s music is at once impenetrable and yet approachable, like a foggy morning waiting to be explored. His world is one I try to let everyone into, for the feeling of listening to Fahey at his best is like being hypnotised – a complex, multi-faceted being, essentially, a perfect way to start my mix.

2. Augie March – After the Crack Up
Although Glenn & co. have threatened for years to write the perfect song, the one where the layers upon layers of rhyme and reason build to be an examination of the human condition, specifically, being a man forever ashamed of their depression, of their mental illness, of being alone; they didn’t crack it until now, no pun intended. Strong case for best track 2 on an album, strong case for best track 2 on a mix I’ve made yet.

3. The Knife – Full of Fire
Shaking the Habitual is severely overrated – how can a record so daring, so confrontational and yet familiar, a record that demands complete attention and appreciation from the listener, be shuffled under the rug? That’s why I here, this is my job. It’s an achievement unto itself, a real fucking smasher of a thing.

4. Shit Narnia – Grinning from the Right
Solidarity! The best band in town right now, because you can’t trade passion, originality, grime, honesty, an unflinching presence and that swirling maelstrom of sound for anything. They’d probably hate this description, and that’s part the reason why they’re so important and vital in Perth’s sometimes stagnant and impotent scene.

5. Townes Van Zandt – Waitin’ Around to Die
Not my favourite version, for of course, that would be the live one, but hell, Townes is Townes is Townes, is he not? A true marvel, an economy of words and a universe unfolding in emotion, the emotion not just of heartbreak, but sheer nihilism of the soul.

6. This Heat – S.P.Q.R
I don’t think I’m as scared, or as jealous, at a record as I am at Deceit, the ur post-punk document, the album that tears apart the world at the seams by sheer force of will, ideas bouncing across the screaming sky like an impending doom, the best goddamned drumming this side of Ege Bamyasi, basically, absolutely essential. Just like that last long wank of a sentence.

7. Matana Roberts – Pov Pivi
I won’t pretend to truly understand any sort of American racial politics, for its a world of real complexity and to limit it to a sentence or two would be remiss; all I will say is that Matana is awe-inspiring in her commitment to her art, as the results are raw, unbridled and worthwhile.

8. Howlin’ Wolf – Smokestack Lightnin’:
Explanation? A-woo-hoo. Hubert Sumlin.

9. The Slits – Typical Girls
‘Typical Girls buy magazines’. A band so ahead of their time and yet so of their time, the mixture between Ari-Up’s distant vocal and the dub-esque soundscape that pulls you under is a true joy.

10. Harmony – Vapour Trails
The end, yes, the end. Like a sinking ship, everything is a waltz. Carpetbombing was a record that suffocated me, left me bereft of breathe, spellbound. This is the end of my mix, I hope you liked it.