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CLOUD NINE: The Best 9 Tracks From July

Words By Our Music Crew


Titus Andronicus – Dimed Out

Titus Andronicus harness frontman Patrick Stickles energetic approach to songwriting in “Dimed Out” one of the singles from their latest full length, “The Most Lamentable Tragedy”, a rock opera of sorts about loneliness, depression and everything in between. Dimed Out truly shines its ability to provide a mission statement of the album, the song dealing with Stickles inability to do tasks half-hearted , but to express his feelings in a maximal way and the result is a pretty damn good slice of rock.

Everything Everything – Distant Past

For whatever reason, in a fair amount of Australia alternative music media, labeling a piece of music as “Pop” has become taboo, something too literal and a tag that is not truly accepted when paired with Indie Pop, Electronica, Synth Pop etc. Well Everything Everything’s single Distant Past is by all means a “Pop” song, there’s no doubt. The soaring harmonies and backing synth and bass carry the track with a strong sense of melody and character and the chorus goes pretty damn hard as well.

Mac Demarco – Another One

Here, DeMarco uses his cheeky, easygoing charm, honey-sweet voice, and gentle earworming melodies to almost exclusively explore the notions around love: being in it, falling out of it, wanting it, not wanting it. The lyrics are reflective, simple and direct – Mac at his most romantic is also Mac at his most seductive


I’lls – A / B / A

With an intro that encompasses my childhood woes of learning scales on the keyboard, ‘A / B / A’ entertains electronic minimalism and an unconventional time signature, coupled with dreamy vocals and a hypnotic synthscape to harness our obscurities. Exhibiting flawless production, the keys and repetitive guitar bathe my mind, immersing me in the white-wash the cascade of hits and clicks offer.

Foxes – Albino Bambino

Foxes have really hit the mark with this track. Channeling an early mewithoutyou vibe and drawing inspiration from the likes of La Dispute, where can you go wrong. The combination of intricate spoken word and raw screams draw this track apart and made it stick in my mind for days after listening to the album in full.


Mining Tax

The first track on the EP ‘Our Future’ wields a certain atmosphere with hovering bass, samples of droning dribble and a portentous toned voice encouraging you to arm yourself for a looming Armageddon.

Joni in the Moon – War and Porn

Joni in the Moon’s newest single will haunt your thoughts with its beautiful sound and hard hitting lyrics. This song is Joni’s response to the current state of our world and it is both gutsy and brave. With its other worldly sound, it is hard to define in terms of genre, but has been described as part of the bands’ sonic evolution as they head towards syntho/electro/pop. It will leave you feeling both empowered and reflective.

Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better

I don’t care if Kevin Parker hates it, I say he strikes the sweet spot here – coming on like a cosmic crooner, cribbing the funky soul from your parents’ favourite late 70s Motown LPs. Sure – that sound is very in vogue right now, but Parker’s heartbreaking paean directed at an ex-lover flamboyantly flaunting a new beau carries a heft that pops the bubblegum right back in your face.

The Wheelers of Oz – La Petite Mort

‘Orgasmic’ is a pretty perfect description for The Wheelers of Oz’s first single, taken from their upcoming, debut album Revivalised, if this sound is anything to go by then Perth music lovers have something to be excited about. The reverberant, clingedy-clangedy guitars and echoey vocals that tail off into the ether evoke the feeling of ecstasy. Which judging by the lyrics, “it feels so good that I’m starting to lose my mind”, is something that the guys in the band know a bit about.